Small and medium enterprises put online advertising and promotion of the use of B2B products

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website advertising, including some of the major portals, personal sites and advertising advertising alliance. For example, what you do is water purifier products, and some of the water purifier related portals as well as some small water purifier site may become your access to customers. Under normal circumstances, as long as the advertisers to find the appropriate website owners, talk about the right price can do advertising. However, it is difficult to assess the quality of advertising in this area, because you can not know the flow of the site, the user. At this time advertisers can consider and advertising alliance, according to the commission or other performance, pay the appropriate advertising costs, to maximize the interests of both sides of advertising. The current domestic situation is for business owners to better choose the advertising alliance (the large domestic advertising alliance flow form is still very simple, simple and crude pop and rich media advertising has make the most of Chinese users for Internet advertising, deep bad pain) and some appropriate advertising sites are often two level differentiation serious excellent effect of large website traffic is huge, but at the same time, the high cost of advertising for small and medium-sized enterprises not pointed out that large and small sites and there is a flow difference, the effect is not obvious, unable to contact problems. Therefore, the company’s Web site advertising plan can only exist in the plan, and the implementation may be very low.

China’s Internet market is very large, all kinds of industries, the number of corporate Web sites up to millions of dollars, so the integration of resources will be able to provide a win-win scenario for the owners and owners of the site. As the joint between two people I think do the personnel of non site operations team is B2B. China has been the first person to eat crabs, as occasion Tongbao B2B enterprise procurement platform operation website, has accumulated a large number of industry resources, the enterprise website in the years of work, at the same time the marketing and sales team to understand advertising Internet advertising needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, combined with the traditional B2b display mode, outside the shops in the near future, is preparing for a huge project – commerce website alliance, a large number of commercial websites has been the integration of its own resources, to provide web advertising and online advertising marketing counterparts on the integration platform of its own authentication scheme for customers. Allow business owners to better the selection and deployment of resources, while improving the matching rate, improve the mode of advertising in the case of reducing the cost of advertising business owners. This can be regarded as a new type of enterprise network advertising mode, for business owners and website owners to bring a win-win situation. Improve the confidence of the owners of Internet advertising, I personally hold this attitude is expected.

I only doubt is how directional advertising, on the occasion of the reign, such as chemical fertilizer products on the website not only precise matching machinery website, in order to meet the increasing demand for the main advertising needs of enterprises, but also can be better for the benefit of the main site, let us wait and see.

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B2B and the yellow pages website, Ali brought Chinese B2B market started, and HC, Cabernet and Ming Wan, brought the occasion Tongbao sites such as B2B market prosperity.

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