Taobao and Baidu duel taojapan fun cool days

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Taobao and Baidu at the same time the development of the Japanese market, began a new round of confrontation.

in June 1, 2010, by the Alibaba of Japan’s Softbank group group jointly simuhaneously "taojapan" and YAHOO Japan "China mall", to build cross-border online shopping platform. Alibaba chairman and CEO Ma and Softbank group president and CEO Sun Zhengyi attended the press conference.

2010 06 month 9 days, Baidu and Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten announced a joint venture company, to enable the "cool" music as online shopping mall brand name, officially started business.

June 11, 2010, according to some owners reflect, Baidu has begun large-scale dynamic API content clean Taobao guest website, this led to help Taobao sellers promote goods and get income Taobao guest lost income according to the transaction results.

on both sides of the line after a lapse of less than 3 days, they began to clean up Taobao off site, or large-scale. This move has been interpreted as Baidu AdSense and Taobao have deteriorated again. Insiders also pointed out that the blocked Taobao station itself is a garbage station, has deviated from the original intention of Taobao customers. But why choose this time for Baidu (Baidu and Japan’s electronic commerce website cool days on-line in June 9th) blocked, insiders said could not guess. For Taobao passenger policy maker Taobao, insiders said, Taobao is also difficult to manage the long tail so many stations, only rely on their own survival of the fittest.

is reported that this is the first time Baidu initiative to ban Taobao information. September 2008, Baidu launched the C2C site, ah, before Taobao announced the screening of Baidu spiders, Baidu is to open up the green channel to help Taobao shop to recover the crawl. For the promotion of Taobao website, Baidu did not stop.

is Baidu and Taobao to kill, or just the ban is to punish those who taste Taobao customers, a type of garbage station. Baidu official declined to comment on the incident. Taobao relevant responsible person said, this is the problem between the individual webmaster and Baidu, Taobao can only try to help individuals in their own ability to master". He also said that the so-called ban storm, will not affect the future of Taobao for Taobao off the relevant policies.

next each other will have what action, we can only wait and see.

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