Ali international station can be delivered online B2B uncover a new chapter

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] December 23rd news billion state power network, billion state power network exclusively learned that foreign trade B2B platform "Alibaba’s Alibaba international station officially transformed into the trading platform, will change the transaction habits long line delivery, online inquiry.


Alibaba international station

learned billion state power network, the transition from the pure information platform for the trading platform, the Alibaba will take the singular and international trading guarantee amount display directly to the customer, to obtain customer trust and promote the deal.

The progress from the open transaction function

, Alibaba is currently not for all categories of international implementation of online transactions, but some products focused on clothing, digital accessories under the category of 3C. Platform authentication mainly for the payment of master card, Visa card, Maestro card, check, remittance, and Russian online payment tool WebMoney, Qiwi Wallet can access, and Brazil online payment channels Boleto.


Alibaba international station part of the product has been opened online payment

this, the industry pointed out that the transformation of Alibaba international trading platform can be said to be the biggest change in fifteen years. Because, online trading is the whole process, is a single platform and complete the delivery of the closed-loop. From the platform to the platform to deliver a single platform, a great leap forward, will open a new prelude to foreign trade B2B market."

industry insiders pointed out that the traditional B2B and B2C attributes are different from the search – negotiation – delivery of the three components of the process, the link order is actually a good relationship with the delivery. B2B in addition to looking for links, the meeting is very complex to negotiate, but the content is not open, opaque price.

delivery is a public thing, the platform if there is a delivery service, it may produce a more transparent and open credit, generate data, especially valid data, equivalent to a closed loop data. This B2B is interesting." Insiders pointed out above.

Alibaba for international station why not choose Ali payment tools, who pointed out that in the international cross-border settlement, bank draft international trade settlement has been quite mature, the legal system is very clear, and avoid a lot of bank payment fees, saving the cost of delivery. Therefore, Ali wisely chose the current cross-border payment and settlement in a more mature way."

it is understood that the implementation of online transactions Alibaba international station, while the domestic station 1688 platform has not yet been involved in online transactions. But according to informed sources, with the increased demand of the Alibaba, the domestic B2B business will gradually to the direction of the development of online delivery.

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