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network people understand this year out of the latest tutorial, using SEO do Taobao guest, the core content is to find a few categories of hot stuff. Each classification do stand, and then do SEO, and connected to form a group of stations. Taobao guest. Although a few years ago, has always attached great importance to SEO, but for hot, let people think that as long as the money can buy a lot of network traffic, master to do the bidding. Competition is fierce competition. The first bid people turned to seo. Anyway, you can make money and be successful.

pulled away. Recent study to understand the understanding of this tutorial, in fact, I think the title changed to use the station group to do Taobao guest better, do stand group, optimize each station. This tutorial is the core of 2 points. 1 is to do stand group. 2 is to do seo. I think if you have enough money, you can follow the tutorial. For the novice, according to the tutorial, to overcome the difficulties are many.

1, technology. Seo is the core of the original chain plus. However, many factors affect the actual operation of the SEO effect, if you do not have experience, SEO is not a simple living.

2, money, if you do the 10 stations, the domain name investment of at least $10, space investment. At least 300 yuan, to buy a different space provider, the station is also not conducive to on the 1 SEO ip. It’s hard to get some of the money.

3, time, 1 stations every day to update the original article, at least half an hour, the 10 station is 5 hours. Most people don’t have that much time.

4, the rate of return. Although the outlook is very good, but in the first 1 months, I estimate earnings is very difficult. Spend 5 hours a day. 1 months can not profit, many people can not stand.

novice is difficult to do. What should I do?

I think so.

1, do other profitable projects to support the project.

2, gathered 10 people, each person to do every direction of the station, so that the investment does not have to get a 50 dollars to get the. 10 people do stand. To promote their own, and then connected to each other.

3, when there are problems to the rich network of Wangzhuan forum to ask questions, there are a lot of master to help you.

4, after the beginning of the profits of the 1 stations began to expand, and finally reached a person of 10 stations. The 100 stations are connected to each other, it is estimated that at that time you can count the number of sleep.

review: novice friend went to rush to do they do not get their first tutorial after analysis, you are not able to do, do need to learn what knowledge. If you have any deficiencies. How to learn. If you do have difficulties, you can do it with the help of external forces.

so there’s no bad project.

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