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does not change, no counterfeit money, but also to make money. Alibaba and Tencent are staring at a recent move away from money, mobile payments. Right now, the struggle from dark to bright, escalating. The Alibaba launched the "sonic payment" kill lines, the Tencent will pay the full landing WeChat high-profile show.

The number of

users over 100 million Alipay wallet, has become the intime cashier standard. Consumers can scan the code to pay, there is no network, you can also pay". WeChat chose to scan code payment in the end, charge calls, buy coffee, print photos, buy snacks, remote control air conditioning, covering almost every aspect of life.

chiefs have long been ready for competition. Ma Huateng recently said in public speech: "we now see Ali rushed very special attention, before, may be subject to the payment of WeChat stimulus, heard (ALI) the company is deployed all tied players to build the wireless business, several so-called tickets." And Ma went to the department store to buy socks for 30 seconds, Alipay wallet platform. Yesterday, Alipay wallet also announced that the company settled Alipay wallet public service platform will be exempted from any certification fees, to attract business major areas of open public service, Alipay wallet will become more wide breadth.

WeChat scan code to buy coffee

recharge for mobile phones, but also remote control air conditioning, TV

combined monthly active users reached 271 million 900 thousand WeChat payment finally landing, including communications, banking, food and beverage, household appliances, aviation and other fields make a fuss. WeChat payment, complete the final step of the O2O closed-loop.

yesterday, Tencent held in Guangzhou for the first time, WeChat · public communication will be, each booth has a large two-dimensional code, to attract small partners to come up with the phone experience. Reporters found that experience, use the WeChat 5 version of WeChat payment function and bind bank card, can scan the code through the way of direct purchase of coffee, snacks, print photos, but also for mobile phone recharge, air conditioning, TV remote control. In the case of a good network environment, the entire payment process is very smooth, with an average of 10 seconds to complete the entire payment process.

in fact, in addition to the scene including the future of television, Yi Xun, Youbao, CITIC Bank, Guangzhou police, Haier, Pacific Coffee, Indian beauties and other public account settled, the Tencent’s own business platform easy fast network also has full access to the WeChat payment. This year, double 11 period, WeChat joint easy fast network, in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other core cities to build WeChat store". November 11th the same day, WeChat store turnover of more than 80 thousand single, accounting for easy fast station of 13%.

has just released three quarter earnings Tencent, WeChat has consolidated monthly active accounts of 271 million 900 thousand, an increase of 124.3% over last year. Although WeChat has not officially revealed the overall amount of users, but according to the active degree should be close to outside the famous 600 million users. Face >

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