E commerce is not bad to improve the quality of service is the key

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with the electricity supplier industry continues to mature, the industry giants gradually realized the crazy burn doesn’t really benefit, the quality of products and services is a permanent solution, so have the competition direction in the management mode, the money brought profit to the customer and improve the user experience.

in order to reduce the cost and improve the user experience, before the Jingdong mall said publicly that the 2011 advertising costs will be reduced by 50%, to 5 billion to 6 billion yuan into the construction of the logistics system, and the next five years will cost 10 billion yuan for the construction of the logistics. In addition, Dangdang also announced to stop Baidu search ads, intends to search for the promotion moved to improve the user experience.

competition status: improve the quality of service is the most important

by the end of December 2010, China’s e-commerce industry website reached 1.86 million, compared with the beginning of growth 16.13%; while in the visitors, the number of visitors to e-commerce sites in December 2010 up to 350 million, accounting for the total amount of 87.22% visitors, the number of visitors industry grew by 36.51%, exceeding the annual growth rate of the number of Internet users in the country that is the fastest growing Internet categories in 2010.

data show that in the e-commerce industry, never worry about the lack of users, but the focus is to attract and retain users. When that man, in the fierce competition in the market, in addition to the basic price strategy, should also strengthen the user experience, improve customer satisfaction, maximize the benefit to the platform users, will focus on the competition mode of management. For better services to business users, allows users to truly experience the electronic commerce convenient and practical, on the occasion of the reign of continuous improvement and enhance the self service system at the same time, launched the "franchise" mode for the industry website wants to make a difference in the field of electronic commerce enterprise. The core of the project was the occasion of the reign of chairman Zhang Yang put down to "value to the society and enterprise win-win".

in 2010, there are many occasion Tongbao, core B2B e-commerce enterprises are trying to improve the quality of service, product upgrades, as the two pioneering efforts in traditional enterprises.

future trends: to improve the quality of service is the focus of

first, B2B e-commerce business services will be more effective. With the improvement of the traditional enterprises’ awareness of e-commerce, the demand for e-commerce services will be higher and higher. In order to meet the needs of users, B2B e-commerce companies began to transform the product to help traditional enterprises to achieve precision marketing, enhance the traditional enterprise experience in e-commerce platform. In the future, China’s B2B enterprises will continue to optimize the service for the traditional enterprise e-commerce to provide more humane products and services.

second, the industry chain will become a new opportunity for the development of B2B e-commerce in china. The mode of industry website franchise has played a very important role in the development of B2B industry. With product >

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