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scarves as women in spring and autumn, winter three season cold dress and jewelry, in fact both at home and abroad has been popular in the past hundreds of years, Eileen Chang and Audrey in the extraordinary Hepburn young, we can vaguely see or charm gorgeous or simple scarves to give them added to the. Before the reform and opening up, scarves only upper intellectual women and wives, rich ladies exclusive accessories, but in a fashion today, all kinds of scarves have been ordinary again, in the city in the high streets and back lanes can almost be said to be, "no woman, no scarves".

However, in the

market, the popularity of products does not necessarily mean that will produce a large number of independent, specialized sales terminals, as every family have spent twenty years in the plastic cup, but before LOCK&LOCK, we do not find a special sale of plastic cup shop. Silk Market (including other textures) too, has been through a small area counter to consumers and wholesale clothing store. Such as orange red scarves as do the sales of chain stores, home less and less, and in recent years gradually emerged, silk is one of the world.

so, is different from the traditional consumption habits of the silk scarves accessories market monopoly mode field survival ability? How to do brand scarves chain terminal

to be successful?

high demand and low competition determines the silk scarf industry monopoly space

today, women’s demand for jewelry has been beyond doubt, and gradually become popular, daily, diversified development trend. If people wear jewelry around more is to keep out the cold, so today the vast majority of people have regarded it as an important element of fashion dress, show charm. In the targeted research on the target consumers we found that more than 8 women have more than 5 scarves (or similar round ornaments) and each year, eliminate and update – the reason is very simple, they need different confining accessories to different clothing collocation. When consumers to buy clothing concept to buy around jewelry, we are sure that monopoly has begun with scarves enough living space. The silk scarf circles in recent years in East China monopoly market development also proved this point.

In addition

, currently on the market franchise stores nationwide brand scarves to zero, the success of the regional brand is also very small, the market is very difficult to see the standard silk shop, relaxed competitive environment also makes the silk world stores appeared to attract consumers, and many to build customer loyalty.

of course, having space doesn’t necessarily mean success. Monopoly and the difference between the monopoly is not only to sell the product, it is the brand, the brand requires a clear brand positioning requirements, but also have a clear consumer positioning. What to sell, who to buy, find out these two points, is the key to the success of monopoly.

brand positioning is the key to successful community

silk scarves

today, positioning in the use of brand marketing has been very common, you can

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