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website marketing is an important way for enterprises to carry out network marketing, but also the core path of network marketing. As an important way for enterprises to get through the network orders, the site should be how to better service for marketing, the need to establish how the content of the site?


first: enterprise website construction needs to introduce their company

the official website of the enterprise must do a solid introduction to your company, show the company internal strength and enterprise culture, make the viewer aware of your company, and your products and services of interest and understanding of

second: enterprise website construction needs to reflect the company’s core highlights

what is the reason for the user to choose your company, because your company’s products or services have a core selling point, in other words, your company has a core competitiveness. No one can copy your product, your quality of service no one can. Good things are not afraid to imitate, so the company must be the site of the company’s core highlights show, so that users browse the site to generate interest, improve the transformation. In addition, the need to pay attention to the credibility of the enterprise website display and publicity, the use of cyber source or media resources, an authoritative exposure of the names of enterprises or products, increase the users of the company with a degree of recognition.

third: enterprise website construction need to have obvious contact

If the user has

recognition for your company, very satisfied with your products and services, the key moment in the transformation, the user is in your website did not find contact information for your company and give up, this is not our completed 90% of the last 10% key points to guide, make our power loss to break. Therefore, the eye-catching contact is a unified form of marketing sites, but also to enhance the transformation of the site’s key points. In addition, contact setting, also want to pay attention to skills, for example, try to use the formal communication tools, to improve the type, so that all users can contact you, especially for the foreign trade website, you hang a QQ is certainly not appropriate.

fourth: the construction of the marketing website needs to have integrated network marketing solutions

integration of the first brand of Internet marketing people in practice found that many companies do not have to do network marketing, but the lack of integrated network marketing solutions. So for lack of experience in network marketing enterprises, they need a practical integration of network marketing planning programs. The integration of network marketing planning list is not a simple way of network marketing, but an integration of the enterprise network marketing, network marketing to find out the best integrated solutions. Network marketing is not the more the better, but the need for the best and best way. With the smallest input, get the biggest benefit is the purpose of the integration of network marketing. (text / Liu Minhua)

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