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1.Jego is not a full moon that suspend Internet phone ban on mainland

June 24th news, a recent news about China Mobile "Skype application" Jego made from Jego6 raise a Babel of criticism of 1 July, on-line application to suspend the service, the whole process less than a month.

June 22nd morning, Jego’s official website issued a related note "Jego products to suspend new customers registered, said" the Jego network is oriented to roaming and overseas customers design, and network nodes are overseas, and Jego products and systems is still in the trial stage optimization of China Mobile international, will be temporary since June 22, 2013 stop Jego new customers registered, and the temporary closure of China mainland customers use between Jego and Jego audio and video telephone function in mainland Chinese."

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2.360 news client does not meet the development direction of the next


June 25th news, following the 360 portable WiFi on the line, with Netcore R & D router after the exposure of the 360 and a mobile terminal products – news client on the line 360. Just less than a week, it was hastily off the shelf, because only the Android version, and do 360 mobile assistant promotion, many users have not even had time to experience.

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3 balance treasure record storm Commission approved

June 26th news, launched less than 6 days, the user will break through the 1 million people, launched less than 9 days, the Commission criticized him on the irregularities". Alibaba recently launched the balance of treasure, apparently enough to feed the appetite of consumers, pocketed the eye of the market.

from the June 13th launch date ten days, the balance of treasure suffered a variety of questions, rumors and accusations. The Commission criticized "is to be pushed to the risk supervision in the teeth of the storm. SFC

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