nternet marketing road the first look at medical marketing

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if you ask what industry will do marketing, I believe we will agree that the entertainment industry. And asked the forerunner of network marketing, medical marketing holds an unshakable position. Baidu promotion platform, medical share has also occupied the first place. Whether it is television advertising, DM news leaflets, text messages, LED bus, or soft, and the optimization of bidding, blog, forum, micro-blog, WeChat, we found that private hospital marketing has been at the forefront of the industry.

how to do network marketing? How to do a good job of network marketing? Believe that the problem of novice friends want to know. Medical marketing in this piece is worth learning from. Medical marketing can really bring us to help the marketing of the road to protect the yuan Kun found many friends do not understand the medical marketing, let us slowly open the mysterious veil of medical marketing.

one: most people in the eyes of medical marketing is bidding.

talk about medical marketing, we think of is the promotion of the game, think of the medical advertising everywhere fly, think of the medical optimization is difficult to do. Most people in the eyes of the medical marketing is bidding, which is the money out. Is this really the case? It may be true that a lot of friends find out before, but with the development of marketing, most medical marketers are not limited to bidding.

two: medical marketing is not so simple.

We know that

is the main medical bidding, but we should understand the bidding way is to burn, to find various ways is very necessary. The optimization of this piece, the majority of medical teams do not good. There are many reasons: to optimize the overall strength of the team, there is no perfect optimization team, the optimization of the slow speed, low investment optimization, and, this series of reasons leading to optimization is not so simple. So most of the friends tend to news sources, tend to spam (send the chain), to really think about new ways to have a few people?

three: looking for a new way of marketing is an inevitable trend.

why is the amount of other people’s visits so high? Why is it so effective for others to translate so much? Why do other people’s medical marketing do well?. As a member of the medical marketing, you are still in the optimization, extrapolation, is still the source of news, still in the auction?. For example, the local QQ group, for example, the authority of the certification of QQ space, such as micro-blog, WeChat, in the eyes of everyone in the mainstream or bid it? At least guard Yuan Kun do not think so. Bidding is more timeliness, a greater degree of increase in the cost of customers (patients) is extremely unfavorable.

four: are we doing our job?

auction is not the mainstream (Baidu health is a good example), the optimization is not so simple (its ability, team configuration, investment and other aspects of the impact of finding new ways of Marketing), it is a kind of inevitable. However, the final result is not good, why? The reason is very simple, because

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