RetroBit RType and Holy Diver Collectors Editions

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first_img Sealed Copy of NES Cult Classic ‘Kid Icarus’ Earns $9K at AuctionMike Tyson Is Still Pissed Over Nintendo’s ‘Punch-Out!!’ Just like the R-Type Returns Collector’s Edition, the Holy Diver Collector’s Edition also comes with a game-box-in-a-bigger-box, and that game box also includes the game cartridge (this time an NES cart with just one game on it) and instruction manual. It also comes with a black slipcase for the cartridge to keep dust off the pins, like NES games used to include. It’s a shame the R-Type Returns cartridge didn’t come with a plastic cap for the bottom, like SNES games had. This looks like an NES game through and through, and would totally fit behind the counter at Kay Bee Toys. Let’s start with the game itself, the cart-in-a-box-in-a-box. Yes, this is an actual Super Nintendo cartridge,  manufactured this decade. Yes, it works if you put it in your SNES, or Analogue Super NT, or Retro Freak, or Retro-Bit’s own Super Retro Trio Plus. It’s black instead of SNES gray (the first thousand have a special blue variant cartridge), but anyone who’s played Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage knows the SNES has had some wacky cartridge colors. The instruction manual is a classic, full-color manual with glossy paper, just like they used to put in game boxes, and the box itself is sized just like original Super Nintendo games.The Collector’s Edition comes with other goodies, like this enamel pin set of the R-9 with and without the Force Unit.An envelope with R-Type art cards and stickers also comes in the box. That Space Corps ’91 is probably going on my Chromebook, alongside the Tuff-E-Nuff sticker from Retro-Bit’s Jaleco Brawler’s Pack, a GODZ sticker from a metal bar in Shinjuku, a Jolt Cola logo sticker, and a Kojumbo Predictions sticker designed tongue-in-cheek by our own K. Thor Jensen. I’m not kidding about any of those things.A glossy-covered R-Type notebook is also included, which seems like an odd pack-in for any game, but notebooks are always handy, and this one definitely looks nice.Holy Diver is a weirder story, because it never officially came out in North America until Retro-Bit started loading it on its plug-in retro game systems like the Super Retro-Cade. No, it isn’t “directly” related to Ronnie James Dio. It is, however, an absurdly metal Castlevania-like game that name drops rock acts like it’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Take a look at the introduction in the included manual. The add-ons in the Collector’s Edition are just like the add-ons in the R-Type Returns Collector’s Edition, with a small twist. This game includes two enameled pins, but they’re pretty drastically different. One is the game’s logo, and the other is a special FigPins pin of Randy, the main character of the game. FigPins are big-ass enamel pins that you can pin to things or display vertically like an action figure.Art cards and stickers are also included, and they’re pretty rad. The stickers are a bit heavy on the single Holy Diver logo, but the sprite stickers look cool, and the art cards look way more hype than the game’s own original box art.You get a notebook, too. This notebook looks a bit better than the R-Type notebook, if only because the metal fantasy art style works much better for a grimoire than a space shoot-em-up.Each Retro-Bit Collector’s Edition is available for $59.99, which is less than most modern games’ collector’s editions. The included merch is pretty high-quality, if not huge or wildly ornate. Nice pins, nice stickers, nice art cards, nice notebooks. All that, and game boxes and instruction manuals that could have come out of the early 90s. If you’re a retro game collector, you should consider checking these out.Also, the games themselves are pretty great. But that’s a story, or perhaps stream, for another day.Love retro games as much as we do? Check out our post on The Best Mobile Ports of Retro Games.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.center_img Stay on target Retro-Bit has been making controllers and accessories for classic game consoles for a few years now. They’ve also been making retro consoles themselves, like the darn-good-for-$40 HDMI-outputting RES Plus and $80 three-in-one (NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis) HDMI-outputting Super Retro Trio Plus. Retro-Bit is a name to know if you have a collection of classic game cartridges and want to keep playing them. You should also know them if you want to get new and potentially esoteric game cartridges in fancy collector’s editions.Yes, thanks to Retro-Bit you can get brand-new, freshly manufactured NES and SNES carts. They started last year with Data-East and Jaleco multi-packs like the Joe & Mac: Ultimate Caveman Collection and Jaleco Brawler Collection. Now they’ve moved into collector’s edition territory with two carts holding Irem classics, and they sent us those editions to check out.This is the R-Type Returns Collector’s Edition and the Holy Diver Collector’s Edition. One is a two-pack of two of the best side-scrolling shoot-em-ups of the SNES/Super Famicom age: R-Type III: The Third Lightning and Super R-Type. The other is a surprisingly good Castlevania-like platformer that until now was Famicom-only; Holy Diver has never been available on the NES until now.Let’s start with the recognizable classic, the R-Type double cart. Super R-Type was one of the SNES’ near-launch titles (just two months after the system came out), remixing R-Type II into its own 16-bit game. R-Type III: The Third Lightning came out later on the SNES, and (according to a Wikipedia citation, because my archive of old gaming magazines isn’t that comprehensive) was Electronic Gaming Monthly‘s Best Shooter of 1994. The R-Type Returns Collector’s Edition puts both of those games on one SNES cartridge, puts that cartridge in a box with a color instruction manual, and puts that box in a bigger, fancier box with some other stuff.last_img

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