ArmA 3 developers arrested for spying on military camp

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first_imgThis is the price you pay for the increased realism in video games these days. Two men have been arrested in Greece and charged with espionage after they were found taking photos and video of a military base. The base was located on the small island Lemnos. They told authorities that they were only there to capture reference material for a video game, which sounds like a desperate excuse from a spy, but in this case it was true.The two men are from Bohemia Interactive. The studio’s upcoming game ArmA 3 will be set in — you guessed it — Lemnos. The military simulation title had been set to launch in the first quarter of 2013. Bohemia Interactive president Marek Spanel has confirmed the reports, but would not get into details and also urged users not to discuss the event on the company’s official forums.Lemnos is a very small island with a population of less than 20,000. It has some unique features to it, including being the only place in Europe with a desert. However, it isn’t exactly known as a hot spot for Hollywood movie settings or video game scenery. So having foreigners come in and take seemingly mysterious pictures and videos for hours on end is not an everyday occurrence there. As everyone knows, filming something always looks suspicious, regardless of how innocuous it is.Hopefully they will not face serious prosecution, but it is actually against Greek law to take photographs of military bases on Lemnos. The maximum penalty for a charge of espionage is 20 years behind bars.via PC Gamerlast_img

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