The central bank interviewed third party payment risk prevention bitcoin

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Yan Xiangjun

, the central bank provides third party payment institutions shall not be provided for the bitcoin trading site hosting, trading and other services." Yesterday afternoon, the central bank convened a meeting of the third party payment company revealed the news.

"First Financial Daily" reporter learned exclusively, following the December 5th release of "notice about bitcoin risk prevention" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), the central bank yesterday again attack, interviewed more than 10 third party payment company responsible person, it may not be explicitly requested to bitcoin, Wright currency (LTC) etc. trading sites to provide payment and settlement services.

in less than half a month’s time, the central bank even "two" to guard against the risk of bitcoin, and convey the spirit of this meeting is to be many bitcoin insiders interpreted as "a fundamental solution".

third party payment "three lines"

a large third party payment company participants who confirmed to reporters yesterday morning, more than third party payment companies called by the central bank, held a closed door meeting in Beijing. The above said in an interview with this reporter, the meeting by the central bank payment and settlement division deputy director Zhou Jinhuang presided over, each company has sent a 1~2 participants.

week "at the beginning of the meeting, it is clearly pointed out that the meeting is convened to discuss whether the relevant business companies about bitcoin can be carried out, but to convey the central bank executives attitude, namely, the third party payment company shall not provide payment and settlement services to bitcoin, Wright currency trading network station; secondly, to pay has business should be lifted, the latest models in stock to complete the withdrawal before the Spring Festival, the new payment services shall not occur; third, the strict implementation of the central bank issued the" notice on December 5th." These third party payment company told reporters.

A summary of the meeting,

according to the newspaper reporter to get the third party payment company one participants recorded the meeting, in addition to the provisions of not allowing domestic third party payment institutions engaged in the bitcoin related business, the central bank will be the relevant provisions in the meeting on access to the territory in the bitcoin related business overseas payment institutions.

Zhou Jinhuang to convey the spirit of the relevant payment companies have made a strict implementation of the requirements of these three statements. But it is worth noting that the world’s most active trading site of BTCC (bitcoin Chinese) and bitcoin, Wright currency trading site OKCOIN has third party payment institutions to pay through the cooperation of the original property for another third party payment company, at the same time, there are users, currently only two sites with money pay cash, but not by the recharge.

Alipay has not any bitcoin trading site had a business partnership, "Alipay official said in an interview with this reporter," if investors find the recharge channels for Alipay, you need to be vigilant whether other personal accounts, if it is a personal account, please investors must pay attention to.

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