Team from Vancouver heads to erupting volcano in Indonesia

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first_imgA trio of Vancouver-based volcanologists will return today to a dangerous volcano on a densely populated island in Indonesia.John Pallister, Jeff Marso and Andy Lockhart will carry seismometers and other sensors to replace equipment destroyed by Mount Merapi. The team will join other international experts providing insight and relief for Indonesian volcanologists.Pallister, Marso and Lockhart visited Java Island four years ago, when searing gas clouds and burning rocks began tumbling down its slopes. At that time, a lava dome teetered on the edge of the conical volcano.Now, the dome has collapsed.“They have the same sorts of hazards that we had at Mount St. Helens,” said Carolyn Driedger, a scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey in Vancouver. “But just imagine if there were some small cities at the base of (St. Helens.)”Mount Merapi began spewing lava, hot clouds and volcanic gas more than two weeks ago, killing 151 people and forcing 320,000 people to abandon their homes, according to a news account by Reuters.“A significant amount of Mount Merapi’s monitoring system is destroyed,” Driedger said. “Our team will bring seismic monitoring equipment, a Web cam and a data acquisition system. They’re going to be working in the observatory and in the field as conditions allow.”last_img

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