This Compact Electric Backhoe Cuts Construction Noise

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first_img The 11 Best Movie-Based Lego SetsWorld’s Longest 3D-Printed Bridge Unveiled in China Vehicle and equipment manufacturers aren’t slowing down in their quest to electrify all the things. This compact excavator is the latest to ditch the diesel.Interestingly enough, one of the companies who worked on this machine was Cummins, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of diesel engines. Cummins now has its sights set on being a dominant force in electrics.Power for the excavator is supplied by an array of Cummins’ 4.4kWh battery modules. The excavator packs eight modules in total — enough to run for an entire eight-hour shift. It takes just three hours to fully recharge.This prototype unit was built by Cummins and Hyundai, and it boasts a few major advantages over its diesel-powered predecessors.Anyone who lives or works next door to a construction site where it’s deployed will appreciate two in particular.First, there are no smelly, harmful diesel emissions to deal with. And because there’s no diesel engine chugging away constantly it’s also a much, much quieter machine.As for the companies who purchase the excavator, they’ll enjoy the reduce maintenance that comes with the change to an electric platform with fewer moving parts.Hyundai’s customers have already expressed their interest in electrified equipment. It’s not just the cost savings that has construction firms pondering the switch. Municipal governments are providing motivation, too.Diesel hasn’t exactly been getting a lot of positive press in recent years. The massive Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal was the final straw for some legislators, who responded by passing diesel bans.Beyond legislation, municipalities are also making a statement with their purchases. They’ve targeted another major source of diesel pollution in urban areas: buses. Electric bus sales have taken off and are actually growing more rapidly than consumer EV sales.Hyundai thinks this model will be a hot seller, too.CTO D. S. Kim said the company “anticipates mini excavators, which operate in urban workplaces close to residential areas, will be a prime candidate to electrify to meet zero-emission and low noise requirements in the near future.”More on‘Harmless Home’ Built From Lego-Inspired Bricks Made From HempStudents Create World’s First Bricks Made From Human UrineModular 3D Printer Builds Sustainable Houses Stay on targetlast_img

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