Lazy USPS carrier drives truck over garden instead of walking down path

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first_imgSome people employed to deliver packages to our homes really aren’t fit for the job, and an increasing number of them are caught on camera abusing their position or being down right uncaring or lazy.You may remember in December last year a UPS guy was caught stealing an iPad mini delivered earlier that day by FedEx. Then we also have the case of the FedEx guy breaking a brand new monitor by throwing it over a fence rather than taking the time to ring the bell and attempt to deliver it properly.Now we have another example of poor service from what could be the laziest delivery person yet.As you can see in the video, the house has a perfectly good driveway for parking vehicles on and path to walk along to the front door, but this USPS delivery woman dosen’t seem to care. She’s more concerned with doing as little work as possible, so proceeds to drive her vehcile over the grass to get as close to the front steps as possible. In fact, I’m surprised she even exits the truck as she throws the small package up the steps anyway. Why not throw it from her seated position and save standing up completely?When she drives away you can see how the grass has sunk where the wheels were, and that means you’ll not get an even cut without some repair work be done first. Having caught this act on camera, the house owner should be able to claim back whatever the repair work costs directly from USPS. I suspect this woman may lose her job, or at the very least be reprimanded for her actions.last_img

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