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first_imgIf you haven’t seen this trailer yet then you are in for a treat. Above is Phil Kibbe’s trailer for the Float, a documentary “exploring the competitive international subculture of indoor, free-flight duration aircraft.” It might sound a bit boring at first, but it turns out to be an intriguing look at one of the coolest hobbies I’ve never heard of before.Sport seems basically consist of designing, building, and competitively flying ultra-light (we’re talking grams), rubber band-powered, handmade aircraft. I don’t know too much else about it, but some interesting information about F1D free-flight planes is available here. Incredibly, the one rubber band that powers the aircraft is said to keep some in the air for up to an hour.AdChoices广告So the subject is amazing, but the film is extremely well done too. The documentary makes what seems like a slow sport into something almost magical. The planes are quite beautiful as they fly around their huge dome, independent of their builders, steered the by the slightest wisps of wind. And then we learn that behind the planes are dedicated teams who come back year after year to build the best craft possible, putting what must be countless hours in these bits of balsa wood and cellophane.Read more about the documentary here.last_img

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