UN work agency calls for investment in job creation end to forced

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“It is not work which is lacking but the financial resources to promote it,” said Louis Michel, European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid told the working group on globalization during the session of the Governing Body of the International Labour Organization (ILO), appealing for closer cooperation between the ILO and the European Union to promote “decent work for all.” In addition, the Governing Body requested the ILO Director-General to begin the preparatory work for the promotion of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006. The Convention provides a comprehensive labour charter for the world’s 1.2 million seafarers and establishes a socio-economic floor to global competition in the maritime sector that handles 90 per cent of the world’s trade. In regard to Myanmar, the Governing Body urged all remaining possibilities be pursued toward complete observance by the Government of Myanmar of the Forced Labour Convention of 1930. It was also concerned that persons who had complained about the use of forced labour were being prosecuted and asked for their immediate release.

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