‘Nakedness’ Becomes a Trend in Moroccan Society: Moroccan Imam

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Rabat – Moroccan preacher and imam of Hassan II Mosque, Omar Kzabri said on Sunday that “nakedness” has become a phenomenon in Morocco, referring to people’s manner of dress in wearing revealing clothing.In a post on his Facebook page, Kzabri described Morocco as a society teeming with “naked individuals” and characterized by nudity and obscenity.The imam went on to ask, “If it is commonly believed that progress is to appear naked [believe me] this is an unhappy progress that is not accepted by God.” Kzabri said that the Prophet Muhammad had warned women against appearing naked, citing one of Prophet Muhammad’s Hadiths.“There are two types of people who will be punished in Hell and whom I have not seen: men having whips like the tails of cows and they will beat people with them, and, women who will be dressed but appear to be naked, inviting to evil; and they themselves will be inclined to it.… They will not enter Jannah [Paradise] and they will not smell its fragrance which is perceptible from such and such a distance,” Kzabri quoted from the prophet’s Hadith.Kzabri stated that individuals advocating “nakedness” are going astray: they do not know what they want and they try to fight against decent and fully clothed individuals.“If pro-nakedness individuals believe in their principles, why do they not allow anyone else to choose what he/she wants to wear?” he asked.Kzabri said that “pro-nakedness individuals” feel embarrassed by “decent women who wear Hijab and veil.” He added that “pro-nakedness individuals” believe that undressed individuals deride decent women because they do not enjoy life’s pleasures.The preacher said that there are people behind the phenomenon of nakedness with an agenda to obliterate Muslim values and principles.Edited by Elisabeth Myers

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