How to improve the effect of Baidu promotion

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Baidu promotion has become one of the most popular site promotion, a good word said: do not marry for the purpose of love is to play rascal". Similarly, for advertisers, in the pursuit of brand reputation, exposure at the same time, the effect is more more and more for advertising, advertising the transforming ability of care. Especially on transformation ability promotion process Baidu, transformation ability is higher, more ideal ROI showed better promotion effect, so Baidu, Baidu promotion in all aspects need to pay attention to the conversion rate, if the conversion rate is not ideal, you can link to make a favorable decision and regulation. Similarly, want to improve the promotion of Baidu transformation, we must improve the conversion rate of each link. Each link is mainly refers to the SOV (left to show the probability), click through rate, arrival rate, turnover rate. These 5 links are very important and critical, want to quickly improve the conversion can be started from the 5 aspects of timely consideration.

1, improve SOV

SOV= on the left to show the amount / total show, in recent years, the introduction of Baidu SOV index, SEM has become an important indicator of KPI assessment, mainly from the perspective of the brand and the media to analyze. So, the impact of SOV is the left side of the show and the total amount of the show, you want to improve the left side of the show, you can consider from the promotion budget, creative relevance, bid and other aspects to adjust and improve. In addition, SOV indicators and other more important role, it can be used to determine whether the keyword is accurate, whether it is the value of keywords. If the show is higher than expected and the effect of SOV is low, indicates that the words on the contrary, it is too broad, too precise diction, resulting in insufficient coverage.

2, improve the click through rate of

click rate = click / show. Click rate is an important indicator to evaluate the effectiveness of Baidu KPI indicators, in order to improve the click through rate, we must consider the 2 aspects from the show and click on the start, the show must consider the left to show the probability and ranking results. And attract clicks, you need to consider whether the idea of attracting. To sum up, to improve the click through rate, we need to consider the bid, the quality of the keyword and the creative effect.

skills: not blindly bid bid bid, Baidu smart, if one started to pay too much, will lead to competing shill, follow-up will push the overall industry average price, so we consider each small adjustment, must not become the industry of sinners.

and creativity must be considered smooth, relevant, rosy, attract the 4 basic principles, then consider the creative style show, the ideal effect is: Phoenix Nest headlines and gold booth.

3, improve the arrival rate of

The arrival rate of

=UV/ hits, arrival rate, estimated to have little industry attention in the promotion process of Baidu, but it is worth emphasizing: if you want to improve your conversion precision, we must analyze the monitoring and data for each link. Arrival rate monitoring, it is necessary to take into account the installation of statistical code, the current domestic mainstream system

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