Riding Around on Side Project Skateboards

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first_img How to Use a French Press Coffee Maker How to Smoke Meat: Everything You Need to Know Carbon Fiber Explained: Why It’s the Perfect Outdoor Gear Material Here’s an interesting tidbit you might not know. Back in the 1940s and 50s, surfers were looking for ways to ride waves without water. So they started deconstructing roller skates and attaching the wheels to wooden planks. And so the first skateboards were born.Inspired by this early history of skating culture, Jake Eshelman founded Side Project Skateboards. Handmade in Houston, they are crafted from reclaimed wood and American-made materials for sleek, modern boards that evoke a cool, vintage vibe. Each board is truly a work of art, constructed from start to finish by a single craftsman. Because all the wood is handpicked to ensure structural integrity, each board is a completely one of a kind, visually striking piece.But these boards are more than just a pretty face. They feature high performance components including Bennett Vector 4.3” trucks, Seismic 3dm Cambria wheels and Tekton six-ball bearings. With the exception of the bearings, all parts are produced in the United States. The boards also feature hand-cut risers from a single hide of Chromexcel leather from the renowned Horween Tannery in Chicago. Some may see this as a strange choice in material, but the leather absorbs shock for an incredibly smooth ride.Whether you’re buying a skateboard for the first time or have been riding one for years, Side Project Skateboards are the most handsome and well-made pieces we’ve seen in a very long time. To learn more and to shop, visit sideprojectskateboards.com. How to Pick the Right Suit for Your Body Type Editors’ Recommendations Raleigh Denim Workshop Makes Jeans with Artistry and Ingenuity in the U.S.A. last_img

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