Taobao shop process reduction personal shop only 1 2 days

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Taobao official news:

dear Taobao seller:

Taobao since its inception, the seller’s role has been an important part of Taobao’s growth. After the original mailing process of sellers settled a copy of ID card to the current online handheld ID photos uploaded from the original Taobao; second hand marking, the complete online shop procedures standardized process settled, at the same time, the seller needs to step more and more.

in order to better adapt to the open, free and efficient requirements of the times, to comply with the relevant state departments of management practices, as well as better service to Taobao sellers. From the beginning of October 12, 2013, Taobao sellers shop process will be simplified, which is the first ten years of the shop process to do subtraction, personal shop shop only 1-2 days.

original shop process:


adjustment shop process is:


adjusted personal shop process is:

1 fill in identity information;

2 fill in the bank information;

3 hand ID card photos submitted for review;

4 fill in the amount of bank money;

5 store information;

focus on the process adjustment:

1 Taobao and Alipay certified open shop certification, Taobao shop in the shop in the application process to upload a photo, through the audit, the two party certification;

2 Taobao Alipay shop certification and certification process from the original serial to parallel


3 shows the business shop entrance;

4 cancel shop test;

5 seller center to increase the release of the store after the activation operation;

expected effect:

seller shop operation reduction: 3-5 step, shop time from the original at least 5-7 days, can be reduced to 1-2 days.

expects on-line time:

October 12, 2013

common FAQ:

1 after receiving the money, where to enter the amount of


or point free shop, Alipay will be in the state certification certification, operation key point right to the Alipay page input amount.

2 certification encounter problems which contact customer service?

A: fill in the identity information and bank payment steps need to contact Alipay, other shop contact Taobao.

3 Taiwan to Hong Kong and Macao members can also use the current

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