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      now the media always appears on what we love to say "× × door" incident, three step naturally no exception, in January 24, 2007 Admin5 held a SEO technical exchange activities to talk about my " degree; Gu " evaluation of the event of network marketing. Are biased, also hope you understand.

first say what is × × door

      in the 1972 presidential election, the Democratic Party in order to obtain the information campaign strategy, in June 17, 1972, Nixon was revealed to assign bugged and candid documents which led to a serious constitutional crisis. Under pressure from all sides, Nixon announced on August 8th that he would resign the next day, thus becoming the first president to resign in the history of the United states.    

      this event is Watergate (Watergate  scandal, the Watergate scandal), is one of the most shameful history of the United States political scandal. It has a long-term impact on the history of the United States and the entire international press. After Watergate, when national leaders encounter power crisis or ruling scandal, they often by the international press dubbed the "door" (gate) the name, such as "Iran" and "information" and "torture".  

      then it will be the "Watergate" extension, the evolution of a lot of interesting argument, all by the crown"… "Door", used to refer to the most explosive news. Later"… The door has been extended to a wider range.

      it seems with a door is not good news, then the degree of optimization of a valley marketing, why do I have to add a stubborn door?

in January 24thThe

baidu search contains " degree of Valley Information:
                                              Baidu, found the relevant pages of about 2450

from the Admin5 web site to collect information, posting time is 8 pm 17

Valley: the stationmaster net interest in the SEO challenge activities

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