Small city talent network how to operate

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first published articles in Admin5, but unfortunately not a technical article. But to ask you, I now how to operate the talent website.

our region is a small city, had chosen to build this talent network, but also impulse. Look shallow, thought the profitability and operating things up on it. Because it is a small city, fewer competitors. The site is still a bit famous in our local. But the daily traffic is through the search engine, to hundreds of IP. Are generally registered as a resume to the identity of individual users. From time to time can also have a few corporate users to publish posts. But every day to update the posts are few. There are a lot of companies are fixed time every day to update their posts. So there are always a few positions in the change, the new is also rare.

many times I have thought about giving up, but many people have advised me that maybe there will be future. My domain name is our area code, some time ago also thought, give up the home station personnel, to do comprehensive. But it’s hard for me to stay alone. A lot of people told me that you can hire a salesman, and then call or door-to-door service sales way to profit. But in such a small city, although there are many enterprises. But the big guys do not recognize this, who can be free, a mention of money. It all aside. There are a number of well-known large enterprises, but also only to do TV ads, see more people, high efficiency. I really helpless.

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