Teams battle to reach final 16

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first_imgThree Peat Promotions/Guinness Cage CompetitionAfter two nights of pulsating action, tonight’s round of matches in the Three Peat Promotions/Guinness Cage Competition is anticipated to easily surpass the previous nights in intensity and excitement as the teams battle for survival to clinch a spot in the next round.Dubbed the “East Coast Best vs. the Rest,” the tournament will again see Haslington Market Tarmac become the combat zone for the expected thrill in what has become the most popular format in the sport locally.A number of teams are on the precipice of exiting the competition, among them is the country’s most celebrated team, Sparta Boss; while other established teams, such as Buxton Diamond, Melanie ‘A’, Beterverwagting ‘B’, and even the increasingly popular Uprising, all are in must-win situations to secure their berths in the Round of 16 segment.The support from the fans has been excellent all round, and this trend is likely to continue as they focus on helping their respective teams move on in the competition.Among the entities in support of the cause are: Banks DIH under its Guinness and Power Wine brands, Clarks footwear giants Chetsons, E-Networks Inc., KSM Investments, Yhip’s Bakery, Brass Aluminium & Cast Iron Foundry (BACIF), Ray’s Auto Sales, Y.K. Investments, Trophy Stall, Express Shipping, Woodpecker Products, National Sports Commission, ‘C’ Division of the Guyana Police Force, Jai Signs & Auto Designs, Gaming Authority, Julius Variety Store, and C & C Prestigious Styles.The fixtures are:Broad Street vs Avocado Ballers – 19:00hrsVictoria Church Yard vs North East La Penitence – 19:20hrsLeopold St. vs Paradise – 19:40hrsSparta Boss vs Haslington Hypers – 20:00hrsBack Circle vs. Melanie ‘B’ – 20:20hrsTiger Bay vs. Albouystown – 20:40hrsKitty Hustlers vs. Victoria Eagles – 21:00hrsAlexander Village vs. Ol Skool Ballers – 21:20hrsBuxton Diamond vs. Vryheid’s Lust – 21:40hrsMelanie ‘A’ vs. Blazers – 22:00hrsPlaisance vs. Belfield Warriors – 22:20hrsUprising vs. BV ‘B’ – 22:40hrslast_img

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