The Hardship of not Knowing What Tomorrow Will Bring Just Got Harder

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first_imgMost often, before you leave home to follow your dreams, find food to put in your stomach or earn any amount of money that can provide any of the above, you’ll probably be kicked to the ground a hundred times by people who aren’t happy about life or recognize your hustle. Some people get a tease out of testing you before they respect you; that’s just how it is.What makes it worse for many individuals, including 24 year old Abade (pronounced Ah-Bah-Day) is the fact that Madam Ellen Johnson predicted that the hardships in Liberia would increase. Balancing the reality of not having it already to possibly not being able to get anything at all because of Liberia’s economy, is devastating.And for Abade, who recently came from Guinea after hearing from friends that opportunities abound in Liberia, where he said he was born, he finds himself “’looking for it” anyway he can. Even if that means allowing men to ask him for favors that he refused to define for this paper.“Liberia is tough, oh! Now, now, I am selling suitcase that is not for me; it is for a friend of mine who allows me to sleep in his room. Sometimes I have to do favors for him to make him happy so I don’t suffer,” he shared.Abade is one of the few that see life as it is, a struggle that will never change. To make sure he lives through what appears normal to him now, all he feels he has to do is go with the flow, doing favors here and there.But in the case of an unidentified man who mysteriously dropped dead on the streets of Point Four last month, he seemed tired of his situation, said witnesses, who could only assume. It appeared that he sat down for weeks, near where his body was removed by the coroner, before he passed out of his depression and desperation.“The man was tired, you can tell. He had no teeth, his whole face was swollen from probably eating all kinds of food and trash; and he didn’t talk to anyone who asked him what his problem was,” explained Ma, a cook shop owner near where the body was removed.So many people fall into depression when they do not know what is happening to them, about their situation and being powerless to change it. With that being said, there have been more details of self hanging suicides, drug abuse and in some cases, disappearances. Some relatives just walk away from it all, not leaving a single clue as to where they went.Meanwhile, crime rates have intensified, especially in places like Bushrod Island and Red Light. Gone are the days of robbers kicking your door down, which have now been replaced with them climbing on roof tops, cutting round holes in the zinc and dropping down into their victims’ houses.“If they can’t get anything from you, best believe they will rape you,” stated Massa, a victim of a minor burglary in the Momboe Town Community two weeks ago.“They cut holes in your mesh, room windows, use these very long sticks that are specially made to hook anything they touch; and they easily pull it out of your window,” she added.As more and more people are receiving pay at work very late, or not receiving it all, the family that had adapted to these unpredictable pay periods feels the weight the most. In some instances, they have to sell their belongings, shoes and children’s toys. With the rise of hardship, things are going to get harder for everyone, not just those who have always had it bad.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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