Gutierrez has used 12 different defensive lines in 13 games

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first_imgJosé María Gutiérrez has only repeated defense once: in the defeat against Elche and in the tie in Soria, Martos, Costas, Maras and Balliu acted. In the rest of the meetings, Torrejón de Ardoz has drawn a different defense, either with five troops (initially only in Lugo and Almendralejo) or four. If the figure of twelve LPRs in thirteen matches is striking, it is no less the fact that they have used up to twelve defenses in that period of time: Martos, Jonathan, Owona, Maras, Ozornwafor, Costas, Petrovic, De la Hoz, Balliu, Romera and Corpas.The previous names will be joined in the next days Francis, which will raise the figure to the dozen, which are the total players who have acted in the defense throughout the course, since, before breaking, Juan Ibiza acted in the first two days; neither Peybernes nor Tano did it, this summer’s acquisitions. On that first date the defense was formed by Romera, Owona, Ibiza and Martos, who repeated the next game.On day 3, the rear formed by Romera, Owona, Maras and Martos, the most used this season (up to five times) was released. The other most used defense was that of Balliu, Maras, Martos and Jonathan, who acted in the last two games of Pedro Emanuel and Gutierrez’s first. The coach born in Angola used up to seven defensive lines in fourteen days. It is not usual to see in a second classified up to 16 different defensive lines (not counting the modifications made in the second parts) once disputed almost three quarters of competition. And even less, that in his last thirteen meetings he has presented twelve different defenses. It is the stretch since Gutierrez is in command of an Almeria that does not finish seeing his defense set up, something weird for a title candidate. Last Friday it was rare to see a midfielder (Petrovic) central, a central (David Costas) on the right side and a right side (Romera) on the bench.last_img

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