The director turned three girl tricks hacker sentenced

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turned the "three point" girl, "Hanky panky" hacker sentenced

yesterday from the Jingzhou District of Jingzhou City Court was informed that the Jingzhou Municipal Bureau of commerce website "by black" case verdict: attacks on the Jingzhou Municipal Bureau of commerce website, the chief pictures replaced "three point", "the girl Secretary" to "celebrate the birthday of his girlfriend" Zhang Zhidong was sentenced to 1 years in prison half.

court found that in December 4th last year, Zhang Zhidong downloaded the hacker software, after scanning to the Jingzhou Municipal Bureau of commerce website loopholes, access to the site administrator account and password.


login administrator background, "secretary" to "for his girlfriend birthday", "director of photo" into a giggle and flirt the "three point" pictures. ".

as of the time of the incident, the amount of these two messages were up to 4036 times and 5617 times, the site was a time traffic increases, the server was forced to close. This affected the image of the Jingzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and caused a certain loss.

court believes that Zhang Zhidong’s behavior constituted the crime of destroying computer information system, but he can surrender, good attitude, and the second is appropriate sentences, then made the first instance judgment.

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