From the small and medium sized enterprise to advertising effect on Witkey platform

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famous American salesman Joe · Gilad in the war summed up the 250 law. He believes that every customer behind, there are roughly 250 friends and family. If you win the favor of a customer, it means to win the favor of 250 people; on the other hand, if you offend a customer, it means to offend the 250 customers. This is the word of mouth.


from this group of comparative figures can be seen, 500 yuan can not only collect a satisfactory name, but also attract people’s attention 192250. In other words, the roast duck restaurant has not done any marketing, there are 192250 people know the roast duck restaurant. This is the post marketing need to spend a lot of energy to do things.

this can be launched, LOGO design, web design, program development, and so on the task of enterprise marketing, you can attach the appropriate advertising effect. Of course, the name of the company and the most obvious effect of LOGO design. The second source: the advertising effect of sponsorship activities to seize the effective target groups to sponsor activities, the promotion of corporate brand is very favorable. I understand that Newman and other well-known companies have sponsored the task of organizing activities in china. There are basically two types of users in China: one is a worker, the other is an employer. Through the sponsorship of activities can attract the attention of the teachers, to attract workers not only deepen the brand image, but also can play the purpose of careers. To attract the attention of employers, but also looking for potential partners. From the activities of the page can be seen, the task of China also provides 30 home media coverage and a considerable number of advertising. From this point of view, the target group of sponsorship marketing is not only the users of China, but also the users of 30 home media. Third sources: the employer the employer’s advertising effect brought about by word of mouth in the course of the whole mission performance is critical, his every word and action will affect workers in their view of brand. A good employer can make workers devote to his work, not good employers will make workers charged. Once the Witkey QQ group inside friends, collective choice for a successful outcome and give advice and suggestions of the employers in Zhejiang. In fact, a lot of friends in the group are involved in the task, from a personal point of view, we will say that their work is good, but we have put aside personal factors for the employer to choose the most appropriate winning the work. This shows that the employer has been fully recognized by the workers, while the worker’s subconscious will recognize his company’s products and services, this reputation is not other promotional activities can be done. In Witkey platform, employers need to use their own personality charm to impress the workers, in order to win the good word of mouth. In the fierce competitive environment, the search for effective product promotion channels is the concern of many enterprises. The advertising effect brought by Witkey platform employers attention, but the effect of advertisement is released through human tasks, corporate sponsorship activities, establish a reputation to win, rather than simply by sending.

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