Meizu micro blog flash from the fans to see the economic play

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through micro-blog flash purchase, opener has caused a lot of media attention. Since the success of millet, many businesses have entered the era of fans, whether to sell or sell the burning tofu, few fans are really unfair to the boss’s face.

here I think tofu, tofu to the door of a station, even without selling, with sell can sell tofu, a lot of people because of a closer look at the beauty and buy tofu, so the consumer behavior is no longer a simple shopping, because the tofu and buy tofu tofu Shi Xi, Xi Shi and established contact for the beauty of this shop tofu increased connotation, adds to the story, has increased in popularity, increase fans, increase of fixed consumers.

Celebrity called

, if there is no fan of the economy are empty, story and work are needed for celebrity word-of-mouth and buy, or how famous celebrities, celebrities and how to live? This thing today, fans of the event spread and form is more simple, the use of micro-blog and other social communication tools some activities you can easily get a lot of fans, through some guidance can make interaction between fans, design and communication allow fans to participate in the product to go, from this point, including the mode of product customization and all the chips are a fan of the economy.

we can also see two taxi software, to attract users to use it for the user to save money by way of a personal use after the discovery can really save money, will immediately tell the people around him, the news began fission. So, its central idea or fan manufacturing and word-of-mouth word-of-mouth, even without the help of micro-blog, because the rent is O2O in the line, the driver and passengers do not use communication tools, but they will use the mouth. Now the situation is the first tier and second tier cities have a taxi subsidy has been reduced to 5 yuan, the city has fallen below the line of 3 yuan to three yuan, but the software is still a taxi fans.

these years people are like 360 products, but 360 products still have a lot of people use, cut enough fans, so as long as a product to meet the needs of users, these users can become the product of fans, can continue to pay for the product.

extension, brand promotion is also a fan of the economy, a good brand must have its orientation and connotation, consumers recognized brand, in fact, recognition is the product image and brand value, consumers become a fan of the brand, also will be for this brand consumption.

even vendors selling things on the market, selling the same thing to sell the good and bad points, the sale of the good must be a repeat customer, these repeat customers is his fans. Similarly, this also has a variety of stores, over time, will have their own fans, and those hundred years old and famous brand more brands to bring fans.

now, fans have become the top priority, and the actual effect of fans economy has exceeded people’s imagination, even simple to.

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