How to carry out the last meter marketing Look at these three cases

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lead: consumers of goods is not only the use of a commodity demand for many commodities, in fact there are emotional significance. Excellent brands strive to build a close, like and trust with customers.

with the Alibaba in the United States successfully listed electricity supplier boom hit again, even in the square dance aunt also began to learn the Internet new era dance equipment Amoy consumption, means that the commercial layout will be online and offline without re shuffle can be avoided. But the online shopping boom will lead to the decline in the line of business it?

for the situation, in Chinese brought shopper research Hing, devoted to the study of how to let consumers go to the shelf, "the last meter" chemical reaction between the wonderful, a fall in love with your products.

how to sell roast potatoes at the bus stop?

case 1:

the cold winter, when you are shivering in the shelters waiting a bus. Not waiting for the bus, hands across the glove halffrozen. If a warm food in the hand, that is how your warm ah. Next to the ad box was a golden potato, so realistic that people can not help but reach out to touch. Be curious click, warm potato soft, also issued a buzzing sound, accompanied by the smell of warm sweet potatoes. The next button as if flashing waving to you, click the button again what happened? Press will immediately pop up a coupon in winter touched people, such as car misses, and to the designated shops to buy a baked potato.

expert interpretation:

Jennifer Heuss, vice president of International Consumer Research Institute, INI-SmartRevenue, founder of ethnographic research and linguistic anthropology.

through multiple sensory experience (such as the golden potato – stereo vision, wonderful hum – hearing, smell of the potatoes out – smell, feels warm soft – touch), caused by the audience’s curiosity and sense of participation, and gradually develop a craving for consumer products, then to action (purchase). Emphasis on the user’s sense of participation, because users can deepen their participation in the product and brand image, understand the core selling point of the product, aroused interest. Indeed McCain’s favorite brand of potato, because the only surprise potato fame, sales rising.

forest, city, beach, run, sweat – pay for the cool feeling!

case two:

in a famous international sports brand shoe store in New York, sports shoes shelves, only a few paragraphs, the focus here seems to be in the sale of shoes, shop built a long artificial jogging track, next to the large screen TV wall. When you put on your favorite running shoes, feel on the artificial jogging trail. The big screen will switch a scene every five minutes

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