VCE at Cisco Live Partner Super Session

first_imgDuring the Partner Super Session at Cisco Live US 2013, Trey Layton, VP and CTO of VCE took the stage to share his insights on the march towards convergence from the data center, parachuting in with a Cisco switch on his back for vsat satcom projects, to big data, to next generation apps, and more. The Partner Super Session was also streamed live and the Q&A session was available via mobile devices.As expected, the Partner Super Session covered a range of topics. The Q&A also reflected these topics and more then continued the conversation even after the Partner Super Session concluded. Below are key excerpts from the Partner Super Session Q&A. The full list of Q&A is available from the Cisco Live Mobile App.Q: Can you repeat the value proposition for VCE? I caught 48 hours for implementation, what was the first part?A: VCE Vblock Systems arrive within 30-45 days and are commissioned for use in under 48 hours. Roll it in. Power it. Network it. Log into vCenter 🙂 #GAMEONQ: Partner enablement plans into the sp market where cisco does not utilize a partner model?A: VCE is committed to growing the partner ecosystem. VCE will explore all adjacencies in the channel to support traditionally SP oriented markets as well as emerging SP models. For more information visit What is the difference between Vblock and VSPEX?A: Vblock Systems are manufactured pre-engineered, pre-validated, and pre-tested converged infrastructure solutions that utilize Vision Intelligent Operations software from VCE. Vblock Systems are lifecycle planned units of workload capability delivered in a deterministic form factor of power, weight, cooling, and geometry. VSPEX is a reference architecture that is published by EMC.Q: While there is a lot of interest in M2M; the short-term value seems to be more from the SP perspective.  With individual products Nest and wireless light bulbs, etc….do you see most of the value of M2M coming from ECO-Systems they provide that we would need to consent too.  2) in tying in with the point on monitoring the willingness to allow/share this informationThe Cisco Live US 2013 Partner Super Session with Trey Layton of VCE sharing vision and future trends with a nod to avionics.A: Indeed. If one considers software defined radio and a proliferation of remote sensing and telemetry systems there will still need to be a way to isolate the trends and relevant (action related) portions of the growing corpus M2M will represent. A new paradigm of software design will be required to anticipate and operate at this data scale. Specifically, I would look at Pivotal as one such example of the next-generation frameworks to draw or map feedback loops that improve conditions. If technology is the response to a perceived need and if science is that which explains and predicts, there will be several technology moments as we favor a paradigm shift to usher in a science in the areas of M2M. In short, everything relating to the infrastructure will have to simplify greatly. The developers of tomorrow will demand whim based infrastructure to capture and channel the deluge of information M2M represents and to package that for human benefit on a global, regional, local, and personal aspect.Q: what are the skills that network engineers will need to focus on to become gurus of the programmable network?A: Adopt a mentality of continuous deployment — even if it is a long term goal that requires off hours education due to the posture of your current environment. It’s going to be an increasingly portmanteau world. Scripting awareness is a good start with an emphasis on understanding how to quickly use published APIs of any variety as a generalist. Also consider a start with a regimen of courses (most freely available btw) on agile methods, devops, and explore any interviews or internships within teams and companies compelled by new mandates to be increasingly agile operators for all things IT related and business aligned. Generalists are going to find their own niche but for the next few years there will be a demand for applying business aligned goals to the outcomes achieved through increasingly programmatic approaches.Q: How many Vblock Systems can fit on the head of a unicorn horn?A: 42 😉last_img read more

Welcoming New Additions to VCE Block and Rack Families

first_imgStart small and grow to extreme scale (1000+ nodes)Capable of supporting multiple hypervisorsIn summary, depending on your use cases and needs (OpenStack, VMware, Scale-out Storage), the VxRack Systems family has you covered. They bring all of the hyper-converged advantages to a rack-scale system to enable scale-out simplicity and performance.Now, let’s take a look at the release for our Vblock Systems family.The Vblock System 350 and VxBlock System 350 with Unity are the newest additions to the System 300 Series and VCE product portfolio. With a flash optimized Block portfolio – 350 with Unity, 540 with XtremeIO, and 740 with VMAX All Flash – VCE continues to offer its customers additional choices to deploy all-flash converged infrastructure and transform their data centers.More than ever, customers are moving towards all-flash data centers. According to the Worldwide and U.S. Enterprise Storage Systems Forecast Update 2015-2019, the all-flash and hybrid-flash array market have projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.2% and 5.5%, respectively, far above the hard disk drive market CAGR of -12.8%. Flash delivers the increased performance required by next-generation applications as well as traditional workloads, at a better price than hard disk.With the launch of Vblock and VxBlock System 350 with the all-new EMC Unity storage platform, VCE further enables customers to modernize their infrastructure and transform their data center operation into a cloud environment, while minimizing total cost of ownership.Vblock and VxBlock System 350 with Unity is a leading choice for customers, and here’s why:Provides a fast, low-risk path to an all-flash data centerOffers an ideal infrastructure for midsized deployments, ROBO use cases, and cost-sensitive mixed workloadsMeets the needs of resource-constrained IT professionals in large or small companiesTops the current mid-range external storage array market – it is smaller, denser, and easier to useOffers the highest levels of performance at low latencyScales for ultimate flexibilityAnd, provides a complete, rich set of data services and featuresVblock and VxBlock System 350 customers have the flexibility to choose from multiple storage configurations, either in hybrid-flash or all-flash arrays, to meet their requirements.For more information on Vblock Systems and VxRack Systems and to learn more about VCE’s full portfolio of products, visit Start small and scale incrementally to hundreds of nodesComplete lifecycle managementNew EVO SDDC manager for single pane of glass management of physical and virtual resourcesVxRack System 1000 with FLEX Nodes–Perfect for organizations that need a flexible foundation for delivering IaaS at scale and can support a wide range of use cases (separately or in combination)Leverages EMC ScaleIOVirtualizes the server’s direct-attached storage into a shared network-based storage pool-similar to SAN storage We are happy to welcome in our two new arrivals, VxRack System 1000 with Neutrino Nodes and the Vblock System 350 and VxBlock System 350 with Unity.The VxRack System 1000 Series is joined by another outstanding rack system. The VxRack System 1000 with Neutrino Nodes brings with it all of the cloud native capabilities that companies have been dreaming about. No need to have an enormous group of developers spending large amounts of time configuring and developing an environment that may or may not work or even be used over time.  The VxRack with Neutrino Node is a turnkey environment that makes standing up multiple cloud stacks based on open source a breeze.The magic within the VxRack with Neutrino Nodes is the integration with proven, existing technologies to ensure the entire stack is stable and reliable. This multi-service architecture provides IT with choices of IaaS or PaaS that the lines of business need for developing their cloud native apps. And with all VxRack Systems, compelling economics are brought to the table with the commodity hardware, one call support, simplified upgrades, patches, and unified management.Here’s a high level view of the family after today’s announcement:VxRack System 1000 with Neutrino Nodes–Perfect for organizations that want a turnkey platform for cloud native services (OpenStack, Hadoop, Photon)IaaS – OpenStack deployment in hours vs. weeks/monthsPaaS – Native Hybrid Cloud (including Pivotal Cloud Foundry)Purpose-built for cloud native (P3) applicationsVxRack System 1000 with SDDC Nodes–Ideal for organizations that have standardized on VMware and want a turnkey private cloud with end-to-end system automation- simple!Leverages the VMware EVO SDDC stackEasy to deploy, operate and managelast_img read more

Creatives & Engineers – Understanding & Empowering Your ‘Workstation’ Customers

first_imgAs workplaces have evolved, so have the workforces that use them. Several distinct worker personas have emerged, each with its own demands for specific hardware, software and services. We think it’s time your customers knew more about them.Thinking about how people work forces you to categorize them almost immediately. What’s their role? What components do they need to fulfill that role? By understanding Dell EMC’s personas, your sales team can quickly identify these different categories, helping them pick the technology that’s right for customers’ users.Thinking even deeper, you can split personas into different groups, too. Creatives and engineers are two such personas, and are the most likely to use our workstation products.EngineersDriving industry transformation, this persona uses computer-aided-design and computer-aided-manufacturing software to create products. Engineers design the products that are integral for your customers’ development, and Dell EMC has a solution for each stage of their workflow.Take the Dell Precision 7000 Series, for example, with Windows 10 Pro for Workstations. It has a dual-socket motherboard to allow for massive processing power, and it can support up to four NVIDIA Quadro or AMD Radeon graphics cards. Combine this workstation with the Dell UltraSharp monitor, and engineers get a fully immersive working experience. The same series in 2U rackmount provides a centralized workstation environment, and with that, customers can expect to get remote configuration, operating system deployment and health monitoring.Swiss engineering and research company, GKP Fassadentechnik is solving complex environmental issues with its engineering models and sees Dell EMC as a strategic partner for its increasing productivity. Read the case study in our engineer persona guide to learn more.Creatives Whether your customer is developing the latest blockbuster movie, creating an immersive virtual reality experience for a product launch, or editing 8k videos, an ISV-certified Dell Precision workstation with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro is the tool they can rely on. To bring their creations to life, however, these devices need to connect to render farms, and Dell EMC offers PowerEdge servers in an array of configurations, as well as switches to provide fast connectivity, and Isilon storage for sharing across multiple national or global sites.In our guide to creative workers, we introduce Animal Logic, an Australian animation and visual effects company behind Happy Feet, The Matrix and The Great GatsbyIt has partnered with us for the last 10 years across its bases in London, Vancouver, Sydney and California. You can find out why by downloading the guide.Our ApproachTechnology has a huge potential to help organizations transform their workplaces, and by extension, transform their people’s working lives. We believe that approaching workers as personas is a critical part of workplace transformation, providing personalized products for how employees work today and in the future.We’ll take care of the solutions, so you can take care of your customers.###Read the Creative User and Engineer guides, as well as others, here.We’ve also created related emails here, on our new Digital Marketing Platform so that your marketing teams can quickly get these guides into the hands of your customers. The guides explain how to maximise the productivity of their employees through the right choices from our end-to-end portfolio.If you don’t have access to the Digital Marketing Platform, please register here.last_img read more

Thousands rally in Croatia as pandemic rules hurt businesses

first_imgZAGREB, Croatia (AP) — A Croatian man who was detained for opening his gym in defiance of anti-virus rules has become a symbol of resistance for thousands of small business owners who have rallied on against government lockdown measures. The crowds chanted Andrija Klaric’s name at the protest in central Zagreb Wednesday that called for the resignation of Croatia’s economy minister and described the center-right government’s policies as “discriminatory.” The small business owners say they have been devastated by the government decision some three months ago to completely shut down venues such as bars, restaurants and gyms to curb the spread of the new coronavirus.last_img read more