IS IT TRUE MAY 4, 2016

first_imgFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare IS IT TRUE that the DMD and  the ERC also want to replace the existing roof on the vacant CVS building on North Main?IS IT TRUE DMD and ERC also want someone to bid on mold remediation on this property?   …they want  someone to install new mold resistance framing material,  reinstate the areas that has been removed?  …install new mold resistance drywall into the areas that has been removed?  … finish the walls smooth to accept paint and Install new Mold Resistance primer paint on the repaired areas?  … DMD and ERC states that the paint shall be Porters Paint or of equal quality?  …it look like someone at DMD wrote a bid package that may favor a certain brand of paint? IS IT TRUE DMD and ERC also want someone to bid on doing general repairs on this $600,000 vacant and dilapidated CVS Property located on North Main that they purchased back in 2015?IS IT TRUE we wonder when the hard working taxpaying citizens of this community will finally stand up and tell the Mayor, Evansville DMD Director and ERC  to stop wasting our hard earned money on political pork barrel projects?FOOT NOTE: Todays “Readers Poll” question is:  Do you feel that party leaders should refrain from endorsing candidates in the primary? IS IT TRUE the hard-fought Republican  primary race for County Commissioners came out much as we expected?  … Cheryl Musgrave handily defeated Alex Schmitt the “hand-picked” choice of Mayor Winnecke, and GOP Chairman Wayne Parke?  …the failure to beat Cheryl Musgrave does make us wonder if the Winnecke-Parke“ machine” is as powerful as its previous success indicates, or if they have just had run of coincidental good fortune?IS IT TRUE we had hoped that we could give our readers a full analysis of yesterday’s election results but because of the ten voting machines that were improperly shut down we will wait to until they are checked out?IS IT TRUE we predicted that the race for Indiana House District 77  would be close?  …that 212 votes separate Ryan Hatfield, the “connected” and well-funded young candidate and Lori Sherman, who ran a grass-roots campaign on about 10% the size of Hatfield’s budget? …union backed Brandon Lee Ferguson trailed far behind the two leaders?  …we still say that any of the three there candidates would serve us well in Indy?IS IT TRUE  he wind of political change has finally hit Warrick County?  …Warrick County  voters voted out two Republican incumbents  Commissioners running for re-election  yesterday.?  …the voters also got rid of an incumbent recorder and a at-large Warrick Council Councilman? …Dan Saylor won the Warrick County Commissioner District 1 seat from Republican Rick Reed with 51 percent of the vote?  …Robert “Bob” Johnson Jr.  pulled a major political upset by beating Warrick County Commissioner President Don Williams in the District 3 seat, with 56 percent of the vote?IS IT TRUE In the Republican Presidential Primary race in Indiana proved to be Ted Cruz’s Waterloo?  … it looks like John Kasich will continue to run against Donald Trump, so we will continue to be treated to the GOP sideshow?IS IT TRUE the Bernie Sanders victory on the Democratic side of the contest was something of a surprise, but is too little too late barring some unusual circumstances?  …we look forward to hearing what our readers have to say about the coming General election?IS IT TRUE back in  July 7, 2015 the Department of Metropolitan Development sent out bid packets for lease of real property commonly known as 800 North Main Street, Evansville Ind.?IS IT TRUE in July,  2015 DMD advertised that the minimum offering price to lease the vacant CVS building on North Main has been set at  mere One Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($1500.00) per month for a term of twelve months?  …  does it look like the taxpayers of Vanderburgh County are getting a reasonable return on their investment on this property? IS IT TRUE that the most recent DMD RFP request for the old CVS  property states that the furnaces shall be “TRANE” package units or have equal quality and have a 10-year or better heat exchanger warranty.?  …this RFP also states these units shall Install a new programmable thermostat, “Honeywell” model or equivalent?  …doesn’t it look like someone at DMD wrote a bid package that may favor a certain brand of Heating and Air unit?last_img read more