Instructor, Aviation Systems Technology

first_imgTeaching faculty at Guilford Technical Community College areresponsible for supporting student success by creating an optimumlearning environment, responding to student needs, managingeffective instructional activities, developing curriculum courses,modeling employability skills, demonstrating professionalism,developing cooperative work relationships with other faculty andstaff, supporting college administrative requirements, andmaintaining competency in their instructional field. He/she will beresponsible for quality instruction and for effective participationand interest in the total affairs of the college.Under general supervision, this individual will develop, prepareand teach Aviation Systems Technology courses within thedepartment. Faculty will also be responsible for advising andrecruiting students and collaborating with business and industrypartners to provide necessary training and education. The facultymember must be able to demonstrate correct operation and superviseoperation in all or most of the following areas listed: . Aircraftand trainers in the AST Program, after initial training. Theindividual must submit to assessments to determine courses theywill be eligible to teach. Areas candidates assess at over 85%,they are eligible to teach. Faculty must be proficient in 75% ofall areas of Aircraft General prior to hiring, in 75% of all areasof Airframe by the end of the second semester, and in 75% of allAMT areas before the end of the first year of employment. Theindividual must meet Transportation Security Administration (TSA)badging requirements to function in the Airport Operating Area atPiedmont Triad International (PTI) airport.Education Required: -Associates Degree in an Aviation fieldfrom a regionally accredited college/university -Valid FederalAviation Administration (FAA) Airframe and PowerplantLicense.Education Preferred: -Bachelors’ degree in Aviation or arelated field from a regionally accredited college/university-Avionics and Electronics background experience and/or formalizedtraining (FCC/AET)Experience Required: -Three years aviation related industryexperience -Teaching and/or industry training experience inaviation topics in any of the following formats: teaching courses,training sessions, conducting professional development workshops,and/or other continuing education seminarsExperience Preferred: -Greater than 3 years of aviationrelated industry experience -Post-secondary teaching experience ina Part 147 or industry technical environment. -Experience withassessment of student learning outcomes -Experience with distancelearning and/or alternate instructional delivery systems read more