Požega residents invite to Aurea fest, festival festival, “Seven days and seven nights”

first_imgSince 2014, the people of Požega and their guests can enjoy the extremely rich program of Aurea Fest, which due to the multitude of festivals is also called the festival festival under the slogan “Seven Days and Seven Nights”, organized by Aurea Fest Požega and sponsored by the City of Požega.It should be reminded that since 1969, Požega has been organizing a festival known as the “Golden Strings of Slavonia”, which is today one of 10 festivals in the seven days and seven nights of the Aurea Fest. This year’s seven-day festival, which takes place in honor of the harvest of golden Slavonia, begins on August 27 and lasts until September 2, so this event in seven days in the center of Požega successfully combines dance, song and traditional values ​​of this part of Slavonia.The first day of the Aurea Fest begins with a procession from the Railway Station, which will feature about 10 folklore societies, horse associations from Požega and Pleternica, winemakers and fruit growers, city musicians and many others, and at 19 pm the official opening of the event has been announced. Then follows the selection of the most glamorous Šokica and the most beautiful costume of this year’s Aurea Fest. The second day is performed by street entertainers, the third is reserved for the Dance Festival, with performances by a dance group of contemporary dance and majorettes, and the festival includes a Fashion Show and a Hairstyle Show. On the fourth day there is a Jazz Festival with the performance of the Big Band Požega with attractive vocal and instrumental soloists, on the fifth there will be an art colony “Association Matko Peić”, the finals of Big and Small Voice Aurea fest, a concert by Mia Dimčić, and from midnight to 4 o’clock in in the morning, electronic music lovers will come to their senses. The sixth day is marked by a fisijada, followed by the Aurea Fest of popular music where 18 performers will perform.The last day of the Aurea Fest 2017 is reserved for the “Golden Strings of Slavonia” where 18 famous soloists and ensembles will also perform with new songs of tamburitza music. “Before announcing everything that will happen on the central stage, Holy Trinity Square, the people of Požega and all dear guests, I will first present what is new this year and what we are especially proud of. It is the transformation of the new, beautiful St. Theresa’s Square into the stage of the Children’s Aurea Fest. On Sunday, August 27, the program will start at 17 pm and will last for the entire duration of the “big festival” from 17 pm to 21.30 pm. In this place that is safe for children and interesting for tourists because there is no traffic, the first day will be a musical gathering of dancers, musicians, singers, musicians of all ages. The name of this Movement, which will try to enter the Guinness Book of Records, is Happy Valley, and everything happens in the organization of the Nota Association. This year we want to connect and bring together all the musicians to perform the song “We will rock you” by Queen. The goal is to make a large gathering of as many performers as possible in one place. We invite everyone who is interested to come with props, musical instruments of any kind to put Požega on the map of proud registrars in the most famous record book in the world. On the stage of the children’s Aurea Fest, the big and small voice of Aurea Fest awaits you. an interactive play by theater amateurs and professionals will open your child to a new, magical world of fun with a handful of workshops”, Does not hide his satisfaction with all that they have prepared for this year’s Aurea fest, the director of the Požega Tourist Board, Silvija Podoljak, adding that the Street Festival will be held every day in the Promenade Zone, and visitors can expect a series of events and concerts.”The promenade zone is conceived as an artery of the Aurea Fest that will knock every day in the rhythm of stands in Slavonian attire with handicrafts, street performers, music corners. Visitors will be able to taste local delicacies and other products of family farms. Last but not least, it is worth mentioning the festivals that will be held at the same time at different locations, namely: Aurea wine festival in Vino – grad and Aurea gastronomy fest in cooperation with the Museum in a pot. There is still a lot of content, and we will leave something for our guests and fellow citizens to discover for themselves with their arrival. After all, Aurea fest is the pride and result of the work of all of us, the citizens of Požega, because the festival can be as good as good people and our people are excellent ”, concluded Silvija Podoljak. The importance of Aurea fest for Požega is also shown by the fact that in the cellar of Kutjevo dd, the main sponsor of the upcoming Aurea fest, 1050 bottles of top quality Graševina vintage 2016 and 250 bottles of top quality red De Ghoto wine vintage 2015 with the label of this year’s Aurea fest were filled. on the occasion of the coined and appropriate motto “Seven days, seven nights, without Kutjevo it will not be possible”.The Tourist Board of Požega-Slavonia County, of which the Požega Tourist Board is a part, presents at Varaždin’s Špancirfest everything that this beautiful part of Slavonia can offer to its guests, more than 30 wineries, irresistible specialties, the unique Nature Park and Papuk Geopark, 111 hiking and biking trails, interesting stories and legends… everything that makes Požega-Slavonia County an unavoidable destination for wine lovers, gourmets, lovers of active holidays and nature.Sometimes it is necessary to go a little outside the classic framework in order to achieve visibility and good enough promotion, because the noise in communication is increasing day by day. That is why the move of the Tourist Board of Požega and the promotion of the Aurea Fest as part of Špancir Fest is an excellent example of how to get additional promotion and invite guests to Požega on the spot.last_img read more