Call for global crackdown on fake medicines

first_img 16 Views   no discussions Share HealthLifestyle Call for global crackdown on fake medicines by: – November 14, 2012 Sharing is caring! Tweetcenter_img Share Share Counterfeit drugs may contain harmful ingredients or no active ingredient at allA global treaty to crack down on the deadly trade of fake medicines is urgently needed, say experts.Currently, there are more sanctions around the use of illegal tobacco than counterfeit drugs. Writing in the British Medical Journal, experts urge the World Health Organization to set up a framework akin to its one tobacco control to safeguard the public. WHO says more than one in every 10 drug products in poorer nations are fake.A third of malaria drugs are counterfeit, research suggests. In richer countries, medicine safety is better, but substandard and falsified drugs still cause thousands of adverse reactions and some deaths. Recently, in the US, contaminated drug supplies caused an outbreak of meningitis that has so far killed 16 people.Global problemAmir Attaran and colleagues from the World Federation of Public Health Associations, International Pharmaceutical Federation and the International Council of Nurses, say while governments and drug companies alike deplore unsafe medicines, it is difficult to achieve agreement on action because discussions too often trespass into conflict-prone areas such as pharmaceutical pricing or intellectual property rights.Although some countries prohibit fake medicines under national law, there is no global treaty which means organised criminals can continue to trade using haven countries where laws are lax or absent. WHO estimates nearly a third of countries have little or no medicine regulation.In other contexts, global treaties have helped governments strengthen their laws and cooperate internationally to clamp down on havens – for example, on money laundering. Similarly, a new protocol under the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control requires tobacco products to be tracked and criminalises illicit trade globally – “oddly making the law tougher on cigarette falsification than on medicine falsification”, says Amir Attaran. “The protocol will now make it a requirement to track and trace tobacco products. Cigarette packets can carry serial numbers so it is possible to track them from beginning to end.“If this is something you can do for a $5 cigarette packet I do not see why we can’t do it for a $3,000 packet of drugs that could save your life.“In Canada we have seen a fake version of the heart drug Avastin come into the country that contains no active drug, just starch and nail polish remover. “When you are dealing with a medicine like that if there was a serial number on it you would be able to easily see if it was fake.”WHO says it provides direct country and regional support for strengthening medicines regulation.And it is up to its 194 member states to decide if a treaty is the way forward. In 2011, a directive to protect patients from fake medicines was approved by the European Parliament.By Michelle RobertsHealth editor, BBC News onlinelast_img read more

FIFA Confirms Next World Cup in Qatar to Hold Nov/Dec 2022

first_imgDuro Ikhazuagbe in MoscowFIFA has confirmed that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will take place between November 21st and December 18th.FIFA President, Gianni Infantino, confirmed Friday at the final Press Conference on the 2018 World Cup in Russia that football leagues around the world had been informed on time for them to adjust their calendars to suit the tournament. The World Cup has always been hosted from June till July when the European football league season has ended, but this time it will be in the run up to Christmas break.“Leagues around the world have been informed already, and of course they will have to adapt,” Infantino said.“The World Cup in 2022 will be played from November 21 to December 18: the idea is to involve 48 teams.”“We have agreements and a contract with Qatar, but it’s still too early to know if there will be 32 teams or more.”“For now, anything is possible. With 48 teams, many ‘regional’ tensions would be solved so I don’t want to close the door to this opportunity.”The implication of a winter World Cup would mean several European leagues will have to break for several weeks before the tournament to allow national teams to have time with their players in the build up to the tournament and for several weeks after in order to give them a break.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more

DACA program temporarily reinstated by federal court

first_imgIn a surprising decision last week, a Federal Court in California ruled against Trump’s cancellation of DACA, temporarily blocking the Administration from ending the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ) program. The judge ordered the Trump administration to immediately reinstate DACA and to allow Dreamers who had DACA status prior to the date Trump cancelled the program on September 5, 2017, to continue to renew their DACA status and to accept new DACA applications, until lower courts make final decisions in the pending lawsuits. As a result, according to the order, Dreamers should be able to immediately apply for DACA renewals. The USCIS has updated its DACA website page and issued specific instructions on new DACA applications and renewal filings. Dreamers are advised that the Trump administration can appeal the ruling and if that happens there is a possibility that the program could be halted again. In light of this, it is very important that Dreamers file DACA applications and renewals as soon as possible! New Immigration deal could drastically reduce family immigrationThe bipartisan DACA deal being negotiated between Democrats and Republican is said to reduce overall U.S. immigration, including reductions to family immigration. Without details, some experts believe the final deal could eliminate entire family immigration categories like those for siblings (F4) and perhaps even reduce the ability of U.S. Citizens to sponsor married children and their families (F3). President Trump rejected the deal last week because he decided that it did not go far enough in reducing family “Chain Migration”. As a result, any new deal presented to the White house may include further reductions in family immigration, which could drastically alter our present system. To keep one step ahead of likely changes which could be signed into law in the coming weeks or months, U.S. Citizens and Residents who plan to sponsor family members should act quickly to file applications before the final Bill is signed into law. Those with filed applications will remain eligible to immigrate, even when the new law changes and restricts immigration going forward.Trump administration could restrict H-1B Visa extensionsUnder current policies, H-1B workers are allotted six (6) years total to be in the U.S.. However, once they are sponsored by an employer for a Green Card and are waiting in a line in order to immigrate, the law allows them to continue to extend their H-1B visa. This policy came about as part of the American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act (AC21) passed by Congress years ago and has allowed employers to extend worker’s H-1B visa in three-year increments once their Immigrant Visa is approved. However, the Trump administration is considering an Executive Order or Memorandum which would limit the ability of employers to extend an H-1B worker’s visa beyond the six-year limit in one-year increments, rather than three. Experts are certain that any such attempt by the Administration would be overturned in Federal Court, however that has not stopped the Whitehouse before.last_img read more