‘Wall That Heals’ makes Milan stop for the weekend

first_imgMilan, In. — The replica is 375 feet in length and stands 7.5 feet high at its tallest point. Visitors experience The Wall rising above them as they walk towards the apex, a key feature of the design of The Wall in D.C.Like the original Memorial, The Wall That Heals is erected in a chevron-shape and visitors can do name rubbings of individual service member’s names on The Wall. The replica is constructed of Avonite, a synthetic granite, and its 140 numbered panels are supported by an aluminum frame. Machine engraving of the more than 58,000 names along with modern LED lighting provide readability of The Wall day and night.As on The Wall, the names on The Wall That Heals are listed by day of casualty.  Beginning at the center/apex, the names start on the East Wall (right-hand side) working their way out to the end of that wing, picking up again at the far end of the West Wall (left-hand side) and working their way back in to the center/apex, joining the beginning and end of the conflict at the center.There is more information online here.Special thanks to Paul Gentrup for the names and locations on the wall of Southeastern Indiana Veterans lost in the Vietnam War:Last name, First name, Wall Panel, Line Ariens, Ricky Michael                               2W       43Brandenberg, Verlin Richard                  19E       49Brinegar, Barry Lynn                                5W       86Brown, Donald Wayne                             35W       24Burkett, William Omer                            27W       93Chase, Michael Lyn                                    9W       12Combs, Lee Roy                                       28W       58Denning, Thomas George                        16E          1Diefenbach, Larry Arthur                        33E        46Dixon, Gale William                                 65E        13Farmer, Neil Phillip                                 27W        55Fleek, Charles Clinton                             24W     116Fogle, Lary Dale                                         4E        30Fox, Charles Nathan                                  1E       118Gray, Harey Duncan                                55E         13Hammons, Philip                                      20W       36Hemphill, David Wayne                           38W      43Henry, Donald Ray                                   26E        10Herald, Clabe Jr.                                       12E       42Hoff, Ronald Alvin                                   20W        6Hutchinson Jr., Richard “Dickie”           16E       68Jacobs, John Charles                                  8E       17Kirkendall, Joseph Keith                         46W      42Lassiter, David Steven                              48W      33Lozier, Kenneth Wayne                            24E       33Metcalf, Harold                                         44E       29Mink, Boyd Carl “Carly”                        51E        31Meyers, David Lee                                    24E          8Myers, William Henry                             19E      100Montgomery, Ronald Wayne                   17W      28Raglin, Ronda Lee                                       9E       70Razo, Frank Andrew Jr.                              7E     131Reed, William Clemon                                6W      55Reid, Roger Glen                                         4W      97Richter, Mervin Ralph                              29W      83Sanders, Richard Wayne                          42W      59Schnebel, Robert Fred                               36W     54Schneider, David Alan                                32W     61Schuck, Donald Philip                                64W     15Steuer, Fred Martin                                      1E        5Stevens, Gary Lynn                                    19E     113Treadway, William Michael                      19W       26Tunny, Nicholas Randle                              6W       41Wells, Orville D.                                           9E        64Williamson, Robert Joe                              36E       43Winters, Gene Talbert                                12E       31Start at the top of each panel and count down 10 lines and then there will be a dot on the left at each 10th line—–10-20-30-40 etc. so you can count down and find the line.last_img read more