A heckuva reason to hit the roof

first_img “I about had a heart attack,” said the 62-year-old West Hills woman. “I kept asking these people for their contractor’s license or a work order. They couldn’t give me anything – a business card, an order sheet. Even the owner couldn’t.” The roof was 10 years old and didn’t leak. David Paine, owner of Preferred Roofing in Van Nuys, who covered it with a tarp Saturday, said the repair would cost about $9,000. Hodge has homeowners insurance, but hasn’t yet filed a report. She asked Precision’s owner to fix it immediately. “He couldn’t even say he was sorry,” Hodge said. “He didn’t apologize. He just said, ‘It was a mistake. People make mistakes.’ “He said, ‘It would be nice if you would compensate me for this work.”‘ Elliott said he offered to fix her roof for free. “I’m trying to make a bad situation good so everyone walks away happy,” Elliott said. “Next thing you know she called the police and her attorney and we got kicked off the job.” A crime report was not taken because it appeared to be a mistake, said Lt. Paul Vernon, a police spokesman. Elliott said Precision Roofing has been in business 30 years. The Better Business Bureau of the Southland gave it a D rating in 2002 for not responding to a client’s complaint about a leaking overhang. The Reseda-based company has not been licensed by the Contractors State License Board since 2000. It was unclear why Precision Roofing did not have a license, said Pamela Mares, a spokeswoman for the board. Elliott said he was unaware his license was invalid. It is illegal in California to do contracting work for $500 or more without a license. “I strongly encourage anybody to report unlicensed activities. We will go after (unlicensed contractors), put them in jail,” Mares said. Monday, the Hodges were more concerned with damage control. Strong gusts whipped south from the Santa Susana Mountains, flapping the clear tarp. Brad and his father, Miles, spent several hours refastening the tarp. “It’s the middle of winter. It’s going to rain. What am I going to do?” Brad Hodge asked. The roof incident capped a frustrating week for Hodge, an alumnus of the University of Southern California. On Wednesday he watched his Trojans lose the college football national championship at the Rose Bowl. “Losing the game was disappointing, but it doesn’t affect my day-to-day life, except I have to take a lot of ribbing from my co-workers,” he said. “But having to come home and see the roof ripped off my house hits you, well, right at home.” Brad A. Greenberg, (818) 713-3634 [email protected] Tips when hiring a contractor: Hire only licensed contractors Get three bids Be wary of people offering home-improvement work door-to-door Verify the contractor’s license by checking online at www.cslb.ca.gov or via the Contractors State License Board’s automated phone service at (800) 321-2752 Don’t pay more than 10 percent down or $1,000 Don’t pay cash Contact the contractors license board if you have a complaint. SOURCE: Contractors State License Board160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! GRANADA HILLS – Brad Hodge went through the roof over his missing shingles. Portions of his roof were removed by an unlicensed contractor whose crew had been sent to 17722 Tribune St. – but showed up at 17722 Tulsa St. instead. “I understand delivering something to the wrong address, but I don’t understand starting a process like that without talking to the resident or the homeowner,” a dumbfounded Hodge said. Now Hodge and his parents, who own the single-story stucco house one block north of Tribune Street, are scrambling to get the roof replaced before the next Southern California downpour. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREGift Box shows no rust in San Antonio Stakes win at Santa Anita Most reputable roofers, though, have waiting lists of three months or more. “My guys made a mistake and tore off the wrong roof,” said Precision Roofing owner Barry Elliott, whose business is not licensed by the state. The costly debacle started Friday about 8 a.m. when a Precision crew showed up at the home and nobody was there. “They were walking up and down the street, and they were looking at our house,” said John Cooley, who lives next door. “I thought they were lost. Evidently, they were.” When Gayle Hodge and her husband arrived two hours later to help with their son’s new air conditioner, the roofers were well into the demolition, flinging composite shingles onto the driveway and into a large truck. last_img read more

Raiders’ Derek Carr, Amari Cooper bounce back in loss to Broncos

first_imgDENVER — Derek Carr and Amari Cooper both turned in games to forget against the Rams, Carr throwing three interceptions with no touchdowns and Cooper catching only one pass on three targets for 9 yards.Even in a Raiders (0-2) 20-19 loss Sunday to the Broncos (2-0), Carr and Cooper might’ve been the two best players on the field for either team, both showing last Monday might’ve just been a fluke on their 2018 offensive resumes.Carr completed an astounding 29-of-32 passes for 288 yards and a …last_img read more

Helping Military Parents Set the Stage for a Great Homecoming

first_imgEncourage parents to maintain as “normal” a child care schedule as possible for their younger children in the days surrounding the homecoming. Young children will be comforted and reassured by the predictability of the familiar child care environment.Expect to see changes in children’s behavior at child care and offer them predictability, support and extra attention and affection. Keep communication with the parents open while their children cope with the changes and excitement of homecoming.Beyond the Photo OpThe reuniting of a family after deployment is one of those moments – like Christmas or a wedding – that we all want to be picture perfect! But reintroducing young children to a parent whom they’ve not been with for a long time is a process, not just a moment captured on camera. You can do a LOT to help military parents plan a homecoming that takes into account the needs of their youngest children and, as a result, will be memorable in all the best ways! If you like watching videos of military homecomings, you are going to love this fall!! With thousands of troops scheduled to return from Afghanistan in the coming weeks and months, families with young children will want to capture on video that magic moment when Mom or Dad reunites with the children they’ve missed so much.  The hugs, the kisses, the tears of joy, the smiles…and there will be many new videos that show just that.But the truth is the magical moment doesn’t always work out quite that way, especially with very young children. There will be plenty of unshared videos – not to mention feelings of hurt and disappointment – because a child’s reaction was caution or fear, crying instead of smiles, and nothing at all like parents had expected.As a child care provider for military families, you can help prepare parents to have realistic expectations for those first moments when the returning parent is together again with his or her children.Ready or….NOT!!So what can you share with parents that will help them have realistic expectations for a reunion with a parent who has been absent for an extended period of time?This homemade homecoming video from YouTube is a great illustration of how children’s ages significantly affect their response to seeing a parent who has been gone for many months. Notice the different reactions of the three children (it’s a bit easier to focus with the sound off). There’s quite a difference between what appear to be a 7-year-old, a 3-year-old, and a toddler!  And while some of that difference in responses might reflect differences in the kids’ temperaments, it mostly reflects developmental differences. With age comes:More in-person experiences with their parent in the pastA better understanding of the difference between the mom or dad on a computer screen and “real life.”A greater emotional understanding of what it means to miss someone who is far away.Did you notice how cautious the toddler was? If we can grasp just how much she doesn’t understand about what’s going on, then we can appreciate why her response is to stand back, watch and listen.It’s important to remember that very young children understand their world through their senses and through physical experiences with their environment, including people. Although video communication technologies have helped to fill in the very large gap in physical experiences created when a parent is deployed, seeing and hearing Daddy on a small, flat computer screen is a VERY different experience than in the presence of the full-size, 3-D version of Daddy!Big Emotions: Contagious & ConfusingAnother element that can throw very young children for a loop is everyone else’s excitement and eager anticipation. While infants and toddlers don’t have the mental understanding to grasp what’s going on, they are like sponges when it comes to the emotional atmosphere of the people around them. They definitely know that everyone’s acting strange. But feeling the high emotional current, without understanding the situation, is confusing for most little ones, and downright frightening for others!The Element of SurpriseAnd then there’s the element of surprise. The oldest child in the video LOVED the surprise! The two younger children…not so much. There is definitely a direct relationship between enjoying a surprise and understanding what’s going on! A basic rule of thumb: the older the child, the more he or she will enjoy being surprised.Thankfully, the dad in the video is very patient and respectful of the time his young daughter and, to a lesser degree, the younger of his sons, need to grasp what’s going on before they are comfortable approaching him and giving him affection. If he or one of the other adults would have pushed either child into hugging Daddy, it might have resulted in tears or screams – definitely NOT the response anyone would want!5 Ways that You Can Help Reuniting FamiliesWhat can child care providers do to help make homecomings a joy for parents AND children?Talk with parents ahead of time about their children’s possible response. You know their children very well and will be able to provide helpful insight as they think through their homecoming event.Share tips for making it an enjoyable experience for everyone, including the youngest. For example, make sure a very young child has someone (Grandma or Auntie) who will be their security base from which he or she can observe while Mom, Dad and older children greet each other. Another suggestion is for the returning parent to get down on the floor at the child’s level and hold out a favorite toy (toys are toddlers’ favorite way of connecting with others!). Very concrete tactics such as these will be easy for parents to remember and use in the flurry of the moment.Share printed resources so that the parents can talk over them together. You might also encourage parents to share the resources with grandparents and others who may be pushing for a big, exciting homecoming production. Some of our favorite resources are:“Homecoming: Reconnecting After Separations”– from Zero To Three, specifically related to reconnecting with infants and toddlers.“Returning from the War Zone: A Guide for Families,” in both video and print formats, from the National Center for PTSD and the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. (This guide also provides lots of information and tips for the long process of adjusting to family life with the service member home.)center_img This blog post was written by Kathy Reschke, Child Care Leader at Military Families Learning Network.Source URL: /?p=1810last_img read more

Anchored Podcast Series: Year in Review 2018

first_imgEpisode 12| Ready, Set, THRIVE! A Supportive Approach to ParentingHighlighting the goals of the THRIVE Initiative, this episode focuses on their mission designed to empower parents as they raise and nurture their children. Episode 16| Walking the PATHH: Exploring the Journey of Posttraumatic GrowthJosh Goldberg, Executive Director of Boulder Crest Institute for Posttraumatic Growth, discusses the phenomenon known as posttraumatic growth and the impact that trauma can have that offers opportunities for growth from struggle. Episode 13| Handle with Care: Helping Children Cope with Parental LossThis episode discusses the effects of grief on children and how to effectively intervene in order to help them process the loss of a parent through illness, injury, or death. MFLN Family Development Anchored Series Podcasts. Canva. Template created by Ben MacNeil, eXtension. Return to article. Long DescriptionHey there, Anchored podcast listeners! Anchored is a professional development series brought to you by MFLN Family Development. We developed this series to support and inspire those connected to military families. Each episode highlights real-life struggles that many families encounter and practical solutions to promote resilience. Click here to go to our Anchored podcast series page!2018 has been a great year for our Anchored podcast series! We’ve covered some really unique and varied topics that are great resources for professionals working with military families. Below is a snapshot of each episode from this past year and the link to their respective recording. And as always, “We invite you to sit back, relax and get Anchored with us!” Episode 11| Books Over Boots: Experiences of College Students in Military FamiliesA look at Dr. Meagan Arrastia-Chisholm’s research initiative on factors surrounding dependents in military families who are currently attending college. Episode 15| Bridging the Gaps: Helping Wounded Warriors Heal at HomeA peek inside the Wounded Warrior Project’s Independence Program, which focuses on assisting military families/caregivers with military service members/veterans who have traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, or other neurological conditions. Episode 14| Double Duties: Exploring Single Parenthood in the MilitaryA look at two military parents who share their personal experiences navigating being active duty military personnel with being single parenthood.last_img read more

Ideas Are Worthless. Execution Is Priceless.

first_img Get the Free eBook! Want to master cold calling? Download my free eBook! Many would have you believe that cold calling is dead, but the successful have no fear of the phone; they use it to outproduce their competitors. Download Now Some time ago I offered a program that I created to the people who receive my newsletter. A lot of people signed up. Some sent me notes explaining why they couldn’t sign up at that time. But I found one email in particular to be most interesting. The person that wrote the email explained that he wouldn’t be paying for the program because it would be just another program full of excellent, actionable ideas and information that he would fail to use.This past week I spoke to a group of sales people at an event sponsored by ThinkSales magazine in Johannesburg. South Africa. At the end of the event one sales manager asked me an excellent question. He said that all of the ideas were great, but he wanted to know how to get his team to execute on the ideas.Ideas are worthless. The value is in the execution.In the first little vignette above, the person resisting my offer was right to decline the offer. He wasn’t going to use the program I was selling, so regardless of its cost, it is worth nothing to him. In his email he acknowledged having bought programs containing valuable information without ever acting on them. I don’t know why he couldn’t bring himself to act, but he knew the ideas, regardless of the value they might produce, were worthless in his hands.In the second little vignette, the sales manager gets it. The ideas by themselves aren’t enough. The workbook I provided this group was all about the actions necessary to bring the ideas to life, to make them valuable. In the right hands, the ideas are worth millions in sales. In the wrong hands, they’re worthless. This sales manager wanted help executing with his team. Why? Because that would increase the value of the ideas exponentially. It made the ideas more valuable.Have you ever paid for ideas only to fail to execute on them? Have you ever attended a training or a seminar and been overwhelmed with concrete, actionable ideas and insights only to go back to business as usual the following day?Each week you come across countless ideas that would improve your results, improve your relationships, and improve the quality of your life. You’re surrounded by them. If you ever feel that you’re not, just walk into any book store. For $25 and 6 hours of your time you can fill a legal pad with executable ideas.So why don’t you execute? Because it’s difficult. Because it means you have to change. Because it takes energy. Because it takes commitment. Because you aren’t good at new things until you have some experience. Because you may fail. These are all reasons, but they’re not good reasons.Play with these questions.QuestionsStart with just one idea, just one improvement. Then decide what actions you need to take to execute on that one idea. Got the big idea? Okay, then grab your calendar. Choose three blocks of time this week to work on the execution of that one idea—and only that one idea.Write the action plan for implementing that idea. Identify the goal. What will change? How will improve what you’re doing? You need a big “why.” You need a compelling reason to execute to motivate you and keep you on course.Identify the resources you need? Whose help do you need? Who is going to resist your plans? What else do you need?last_img read more

Womens Basketball Ohio State dominates No 23 Rutgers on road 5939

Ohio State redshirt senior guard Carly Santoro (10) goes up for a shot in the game against Penn State on Feb 6. Ohio State won 78-73. Credit: Cori Wade | Lantern PhotographerThe Ohio State women’s basketball team (11-12, 7-7 Big Ten) came away with a commanding victory on the road against No. 23 Rutgers (17-7, 9-4 Big Ten) by a score of 59-39 on Thursday.The 39 points are the least Ohio State has allowed to a ranked team in program history.After losing by more than 20 points at home to No. 14 Iowa, the Buckeyes came out with a vengeance and controlled the game from the get go. A 21-1 run in the latter half of the first quarter and the beginning of the second quarter gave Ohio State a 20-point lead that was never seriously threatened for the rest of the game. Redshirt senior forward Adreana Miller came off the bench led the way for the Buckeyes during the run, scoring nine of the 21 points. Miller ended up with 14 points on the night, was 3-of-5 from the 3-point line and tallied three rebounds. All of Ohio State’s scoring came from six players.Other contributors on the offensive side came in the form of redshirt senior guard Carly Santoro and freshman forward Dorkha Juhasz. Santoro scored 12 points with five rebounds and Juhasz was just one-point shy of a double double with nine points and 13 rebounds. Freshman guard Janai Crooms also added 10 points of her own with five assists and five rebounds, and redshirt senior guard Carmen Grande scored eight points, led the team in assists with eight and also had five rebounds. In total, Ohio State shot 46 percent from the field while the Buckeyes’ defense limited the Scarlet Knights as Rutgers was a lowly 16-61 on the night. Ohio State outrebounded the Scarlet Knights 44-35, and did that without the help of redshirt senior forward Makayla Waterman, the No. 2 rebounder on the team, who did not play in the game. Ohio State will attempt to build off this victory at home when it takes on Wisconsin at 2 p.m. on Sunday. read more

Six reasons why Luka Modric may leave Real Madrid

first_imgLuka Modric’s future has been growing more doubtful as the days go by with Inter Milan having publicly announced their intentions to sign him, so why would he leave Real Madrid?After leading Croatia to their first ever World Cup final this summer, Modric finally made his return to training at Valdebebas on Wednesday following an extended break from the club in order to properly recover from his exploits at Russia.But the 2018 Golden Ball winner has been the centre of a massive transfer story that ties him with a shocking move to Inter with the club’s manager Luciano Spalletti having confirmed that they are indeed trying to sign Modric this summer.The 32-year-old, who reportedly held talks with Florentino Perez on Wednesday over his future, has remained silent on a move to Inter.But after losing Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus last month, Real do not want to lose another star player and are willing to even offer him a new lucrative contract.So why would Modric leave the 13-time European champions?Well, AS have listed six reasons why the Croatian playmaker may be willing to join Ronaldo at the Serie A for the upcoming season.Sergio Ramos, Real MadridZidane reveals Sergio Ramos injury concern for Real Madrid Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Zinedine Zidane has put Sergio Ramos’ availability for Real Madrid’s trip to Sevilla next weekend in doubt after withdrawing him against Levante.Lucrative offer: Inter are offering €10m a year compared to Modric’s current annual wage of €6.5m.China: Modric has a four-year contract offer on the table and can even go to Chinese side Jiangsu to finish off his playing career in another lucrative deal.Age: Modric will be 33 in September and this summer may well represent his final opportunity to get one last big contract.Titles: Modric has won everything in Spain and may fancy a new challenge in collecting major silverware in Italy.Ronaldo and Zidane’s exits: The exit of the iconic duo represents the end of a glorious era at Madrid and may convince Modric that the time has come to leave himself.Italy: Having already impressed in England and Spain, the 32-year-old may be tempted to leave his mark in Italy before he finishes his playing career in a bid to become an all-time great.last_img read more

Report Schalke not interested in Danny Rose

first_imgAccording to Sky Sports, Bundesliga club Schalke are not interested in signing Tottenham Hotspur left-back Danny Rose contrary to initial reports.The Bundesliga club plan to secure just one more signing, preferably a left-back. They have a budget or around €7m according to Sky sources, and Danny Rose is not on their radar.Schalke are not interested in loan deals but are looking to make a permanent signing.The German club are hoping to finalise a deal for a new defender by the weekend.Christian Eriksen, Tottenham, SpursPochettino: ‘Happy’ Christian Eriksen ready for Spurs action Andrew Smyth – September 12, 2019 Mauricio Pochettino insists Christian Eriksen is “happy” and in the right frame of mind for Tottenham despite his failed summer exit.Danny Rose has been one of the players heavily linked to the club but the price tag has been the only stumbling block in the way of a deal.It has been initially reported that Tottenham were willing to listen to offers for Danny Rose, along with Toby Alderweireld and Mousa Dembele this summer.Since criticising Spurs’ ambition and wage structure last year, Rose has faced an uncertain future.Comments for which he subsequently apologised, but the damage seems to have already been done.last_img read more

We dont fear United – Francis

first_imgBournemouth defender Simon Francis insists he and his teammates have nothing to fear when they face Manchester United this weekend, saying perhaps they are favourites.The Cherries captain feels the team’s form suggests they may even be favourites against the Red Devils.Eddie Howe’s side host United on Saturday, the south coast side are currently sixth in the Premier League and three points ahead of their visitors.Francis said the team’s impressive start to the season could even suggest they’re favourites for the clash at Vitality Stadium.“There is certainly no fear factor. The form book would say we might be favourites going into the game,” he told The Mirror.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.“I don’t think we see it as a free hit any more, these kinds of games, because we believe we can beat them.“With the points we have accumulated so far even if we lose to Man United, people might think, ‘It’s OK, they have had a good start to the season’, but we don’t see it like that.“Even in our first season when we played the big teams, nobody would back us to get any points, but this is our fourth season and we have come a long way.”“These games are the ones we can grab by the scruff of the neck and take to Man United: The lads will be raring to go, are looking forward to every Premier League game and why not? We are on good form.“We will be at it from the start, pressing high and trying to win the ball back to give the fans something to get excited about.”last_img read more

Frank Lampard reflects on his first season as manager

first_imgThis is Derby County’s 6th consecutive season where they find themselves in playoff position after 22 games, but have never pushed for promotion, since December always seems to take a toll on them.Frank Lampard is having a successful campaign with Derby County, a second-tier English club, to kick off his coaching career. Asked about being halfway through his first season as manager, Lampard said that although his team is in the race, that the season might get tough starting now.“I enjoy it. It’s taxing, testing and you learn every day. I’m fully into it and I want to be a success,” he said, according to BBC.“It is no good to say at fourth we can be content in December, we have to continue and be in contention in mid-May.Frank Lampard, Chelsea, Premier LeagueFrank Lampard admits Chelsea may struggle for top-six spot Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Chelsea manager Frank Lampard couldn’t offer any guarantees on a top-six finish this season due to the strong competition.“We know we are in the race. But any drop in standard, and actually if we don’t improve from here, the season might take its toll on us.”“As a player, you can never quite gauge what it feels like on this side,” he continued.“It is a challenge for me to use the squad because we will have to over the busy period, it is a challenge to stay positive and work on the training ground and to get details right and keep going.“And when January comes, if we can do business, and business that improves us – and there won’t be loads to do because we are not in the position of other teams in this league – it needs to be spot on. Small improvement may help us in the long run.”last_img read more